12 Tips for Hosting an A-List Awards Show Party

The folks at Applebee’s and E!Online want your next awards show viewing party to be a box office hit! To help your planning along, we’ve partnered with Applebee’s and E!Online to share 12 tips for hosting an A-List awards show party. To give us a taste of what an awards show party menu should look like. we received a gift card to try out the new Pub Diet menu at Applebee’s. No additional compensation was received.

Hosting An Awards Show PartySo, how do you host an A-List awards show party?

1. The Guest List – Mix it up! Variety is the spice of life and it will be the spice of your party too. Inviting friends from different walks of life, with different interests and hobbies will not only give people a chance to make new friends, but it will also keep the conversation fresh and fun.

2. The Invitation – You know who you’re inviting, but how? Skip the Facebook event or the group text message and op for something a little more personal. You’re setting the tone for your party before the first guest arrives, so make sure you’re setting a tone you want carried through your party.

3. Cast Your Ballots – A fun way to keep any awards show party interesting is to have your guests make their own predictions on who will be winners. The guest with the most correct guesses can go home with a prize (maybe a bottle of wine!)

4. Theme Your Menu – Is the award show themed? Is there a film that’s going to dominate? Keep these things in mind and plan a menu that reflects it!

5. Celeb-Worthy Decor – Glitz and glam! Black, white, silver and gold are colors that exude glamour and will always be classic party favorites.

6. Standout Centerpiece – You centerpiece should make a statement. Go for something big and blossom filled, or get creative with ideas of your own. Whatever you do, make it stand out! I like to make dessert my centerpiece, so maybe I’ll have a Glitterbomb cupcake tower!

7. Proper Lighting – Candles, candles, candles! Romance, elegance, sophistication… Candles elevate the feeling. They are inexpensive, widely available and come in every shape, size and color imaginable.

image8. Bar Location – Don’t stick your bar by the door… Make them mingle! Putting the bar on the far opposite wall of your entry will encourage guests to move through the space instead of congregating by the door.  And, having a bar doesn’t mean you have to have alcohol!  Check out this tea bar we set up last summer.

IMG_3150.JPG9. Celeb Approved Hor D’oeuvres – Take a page out of your favorite chef’s cookbook and serve up their inspired recipes, or take a shortcut and order takeout from Applebee’s new Pub Diet menu. Either way, your guests will approve!

10. Pack A Punch – 2015 will be the year of Punch! It’s making a comeback, so make sure to break out the punch bowl and mix up your favorite concoction. Give your punch a fun, themed name and your guests might leave your party with a new favorite.  Sangria counts as punch, right?

image11. Get Bubbly With Rose – A great alternative to champagne, Rose is a fun, bubbly way to wrap up the show without breaking the bank.

12. End On A Glittery Note – Serve a spectacular dessert! Glitterbomb Cupcakes are all the rage, and will send your guests out the door with a sparkling impression of your A-List awards show party!

What are your best party planning tips?  Share them with us and you just might see them mentioned in a future article here or shared on our Facebook page!  Be sure to stop by your local Applebee’s to check out the new Pub Diet menu for a lighter way to enjoy some of your pub favorites!

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