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Though I can’t really tell it from outward appearances, I have dropped 12.4 pounds in the last 6 weeks.  I still have about 50 pounds to go, but I wanted to update my progress here.  Even though I can’t tell … Continue reading

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Reveling in the Misery of Others

See how happy she is?  My cute, sweet, sadistic little girl.   My mom, my sister and I took Addison and my nephew Landon to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC last Friday.  It was a really great day.  Truly.  The … Continue reading

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Zipping Right Along…

Not too shabby for my first attempt at a zipper! It’s certainly not perfect, not by a mile, but I’m happy with it and so is my sister (I made the wristlet for her 🙂 )  I’d like to thank … Continue reading

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Back on the Grid with a Spinach Saute!

I’ve been MIA the last few days.  Between work, volunteering and time with the family, my laptop just hasn’t received the attention it deserves!  I’ll be more attentive this week.  I promise.  I will make it up somehow.  LOL If … Continue reading

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Which is it?

I’m not sure if I’m shrinking or if ‘short’ jeans are getting longer?  All I know is I’m finally loosing a little weight, needed some new jeans and even the ‘short’ jeans seem to be too long.  What is a … Continue reading

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Feelin’ the Love!

Say it with me….awwww! Shanti over at Purely for Fun bestowed my little ol’ blog with this nifty little award… Part of the fun of the One Lovely Blog award is that you pass it on! 1. Accept the award. … Continue reading

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Eggs. They’re What’s for Breakfast!

Girl’s Trip 2010 has come to a close.  One of the highlights for me was my first experience with Eggs Benedict. My friend Timara made Eggs Benedict for everyone Saturday morning.  It was so good!  It’s certainly not something that … Continue reading

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Beach Bound!

I am so excited to be heading to the beach on Friday!  No husband, no kids, no worries!  Well, at least for just over 48 hours.  The only two things that could make it better would be 1) if a … Continue reading

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I’m in love with Curry.  This is my second Curry dish since Friday when I made a Curry Yogurt Sauce to drizzle over a baked salmon fillet.  I am absolutely stuffed, yet my mouth is still watering! For the Curry … Continue reading

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Baked Chicken with Spicy Peach Mango Salsa

See the tiny specks there on the mango and peaches?  That’s cayenne pepper.  Spicy! This was purely a result of ‘hey, I forgot I had that!’. When I shopped last week, I picked up a mango thinking I would use … Continue reading

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