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What Do These Pictures Have in Common?

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Vacuum Lines and Dust Bunnies

  Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you’ve completely lost control?  You haven’t showered, the kids are crazy, the house is a wreck…  If you’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about. Today … Continue reading

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Before and After…

White balance can be tricky business.  You may thing a photo looks ok, but with proper white balance it will look a LOT better!  Even a lot of point and shoot cameras have white balance settings.  If you don’t know … Continue reading

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At the End of Week 10…

I am down 17.6 pounds!  Finally dropped a pants size today too! Just wanted to share 🙂

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I’m obsessed…

With what, you ask?  Well, these little roses!  I made a hair bow out of this one. They are so stinkin’ cute and so easy!  This one is made out ribbon scraps, but you can use fabric or whatever too.  … Continue reading

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Those Cute Notebooks Everyone is Making…

Mine is going to a friend, and she doesn’t know about it yet, so just imagine cute little blocks with initials or a name… Everything except the notebook itself was stuff I already had on hand.  I made the rose … Continue reading

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Seasonal Confusion

  It’s 82 degrees on the 19th of October.  It should not be this warm.  Even my plants are confused.  My rose bush has already been cut down once this year,  but now it’s back and as big as ever.  … Continue reading

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Simple Soup

I feel bad calling this soup.  And, it’s certainly not a recipe.  1 roasted butternut squash (olive oil and sea salt), 2 cups of fat-free milk and a blender.  The sage was just garnish and it came straight out of … Continue reading

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Such a Cute Patient

My little monkey had her second surgery in 4 months yesterday to remove a cyst in her neck.  Despite the fact that a surgeon would be poking around in my baby’s neck, I couldn’t help think she was adorably cute … Continue reading

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Repurposing a Brown Paper Bag

Every year, the moms group I’m a part of (LakeNormanMommies) has an annual Trunk or Treat.  Aside from the obvious fun of getting all that candy, the kids always love the costume contests.  This year I donated a hair bow … Continue reading

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