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Getting geared up for summer veggies: Stir-fry

Though it’s only spring, it won’t be long before local farmers markets are bludging at the seams with beautiful, local produce.  I love my veggies and I hate paying winter prices for them.   I garden myself, but living in a … Continue reading

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Team Up Thursday: Unexpected

It’s been in the 80s here in NC all week!  So, when I got Donna’s photo on Thursday, you can definitely say it embodied this weeks theme: Unexpected. Donna lives in Canada and they had SNOW!  Really?  It’s 80 degrees … Continue reading

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I’m a little freaked out…

This is my street earlier today.  Clear and blue to one side, and completely looking like the gates of Hell were opening on the other. I’ve never really given much thought to tornadoes until a week and a half ago, … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Me: Multiple Exposure

Wow!  This week was…interesting…and a little fun! It was definitely the most complex of the themes we’ve had so far.  I feel like I did an ok job meshing the images together.  It probably would have been easier with out … Continue reading

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Sage Advice from My Four Year Old

^^ Shameless photo that has zip to do with what I’m about to type 😛 Addison has become very wise in her four and a half years of life.  She never fails to let us know it either.  She gives … Continue reading

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Tap, Tap, Tap…Is this thing on?

Yes, I had to clean my lens after this.

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Team Up Thursday: Yellow

Getting closer to actually posting on a Thursday! The theme this week was ‘Yellow’.  On the left, my daughter is showing off the big yellow egg she found at her preschool egg hunt.  On the right, Donna caught a shot … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Me: In Motion (16/52)

The theme for last week was ‘In Motion’. Well, I work at home…online…constantly.  Facebook and Twitter call me in my sleep.  If I’m not working,  facebooking, tweeting, blogging or editing, I will otherwise find something to do online.  So, I … Continue reading

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25 Confirmed Tornadoes in NC on Saturday…

This isn’t the Midwest.   We don’t have tornado outbreaks here, not like this. 25 confirmed tornadoes, maybe more before it’s all said and done, for my home state on Saturday.  You can see just how close to the action I … Continue reading

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Post-It Note Tuesday!

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