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Dance, dance, dance!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Little Miss Attitude has been taking dance for 2 years now.  She takes a tap/ballet/tumble class once a week and I am so glad the season is almost over!  It’s a little bit torturous to sit in … Continue reading

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Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches

Like it? Share it!Pinterest10Facebook2Yummly0TwitterStumble0More12 This is our most favorite summer dinner.  It’s fast, easy and so flavorful! Normally, you’d have seen baby red potato salad on the side, but Target was completely out of our mayo and dill cubes!  I … Continue reading

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Dinner on a Dime

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Otherwise known as, I’m making pasta because I’m lazy. If you read this post, you already know about my love affair with things white and carby.  Pasta is fast, inexpensive and generally my ‘go-to’.  The most expensive … Continue reading

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Macro Love

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Some shots from around the yard yesterday… Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0

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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0 So, that whole diet thing… Um, yeah.  I haven’t gained any back, but I haven’t lost anymore either.  I have been so busy with work, the kids and just life that I haven’t had the focus … Continue reading

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Tonight, I dream…

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0 In three months, I’ll be sitting on the beach of Oak Island.  It’s beautiful there and I miss it all year long.  The sand, the surf and the smell of salt in the air. Tonight, when … Continue reading

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Fresh from the Garden…

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0 Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Chives… Red Bell Peppers  I can already smell the spaghetti sauce… Parsley, just because.  The garden didn’t feel right without it. Rosemary.  My pork and chicken will love you. Basil.  For Bruschetta.  And … Continue reading

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Next to Impossible…Done!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0I know you’re probably tired of seeing my kids.  I’ve posted a lot of pictures of them in the last week or so, but I’m going to post a few more. I have lots of great pictures … Continue reading

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Happy Second Birthday, Cullen!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest1Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More1Little man celebrated his second birthday on Thursday! My husband and I both spent the day at work, but Cullen didn’t mind because he was hanging with Mamaw (who baked him a cake and all that jazz).  … Continue reading

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Team Up Thursday: Light

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Whew!  It’s been a long week.  I feel like it’s be ‘go, go, go’ every day without much of a break. The theme this week for Team Up Thursday was ‘light’.  I really wanted to shoot a … Continue reading

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