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Simple Things Sunday: A Sleeping Child

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0There is little more peaceful, more serene than a sleeping child.  What’s even better is when it happens naturally.  The day catches up on them, and they just drift off – right where they are. Summer camp … Continue reading

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BBT Summer Pasta Salad!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest98Facebook17Yummly0TwitterStumble1More116 BBT?  Do you mean BLT?  Nope. This is possibly the world’s best pasta salad.  It’s quick, it tastes super fresh and it’s inexpensive to make.  The flavors truly encompass summer.  At least they so for me.  … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Fab – Weight Loss Update!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0 It’s Friday and time for a quick update on my progress! I’ve been a work in progress my whole life, and always will be, but my physical progression to a smaller, more compact me began almost … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Weenie Girl and the Incredible Hot Dog Boy

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Look!  There!  Up in the sky! Is it a bird?  Is it a plane? No!  It’s Weenie Girl and the Incredible Hot Dog Boy! Meet Weenie Girl ^^^ And the Incredible Hot Dog Boy ^^^  Well, IHDB … Continue reading

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Fantastic Finds – The Monday Afternoon Edition

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Last Friday got a little crazy and I ended up not getting my fantastic Pinterest finds up from the week, so you get a Monday afternoon edition of Fantastic Finds!  This week: Sweet Treats featuring Strawberries!  Still … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of a Chair

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0*Cough* *Gasp* *Sputter* *Choke* Time of Death: Saturday, July 23rd, 12.20 PM ….. Wait!  What’s the I hear?  A faint heart beat?  Maybe, just maybe… This chair has obviously had a rough life.  It didn’t start out … Continue reading

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Simple Things Sunday: The Difference A Few Screws Make

Like it? Share it!Pinterest1Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More1As far as simple things so, I’m pretty sure a small pile of screws and wing nuts qualify.  But this little pile of screws and wing nuts are a big deal around here. These screws and wing … Continue reading

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Citrus Lentil Salad

Like it? Share it!Pinterest4Facebook1Yummly0TwitterStumble0More5Lentils…who knew?! I was lucky enough to snag a free package of lentils from the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council a few weeks ago.  At the time, I had no idea what I was going to … Continue reading

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Segmenting an Orange – This will be important one day!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Well, specifically – This will be important tomorrow!  You’ll need segmented oranges for tomorrow’s recipe.  Or, you could take the easy way out and buy orange segments, but who wants to do that?  Besides, segmenting an orange … Continue reading

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Wholly Guacamole!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0I love guacamole.  Giant puffy heart love. Last night for dinner we had chicken fajitas, so of course I had to make guacamole to go with it! And, as always, I left something out of the picture.  … Continue reading

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