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Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes… Fail?

Coming off of Girl’s Trip 2011 is like going through detox. First, there’s being slapped back into reality.  We had 2 full days of no responsibility beyond ourselves only to dive head first back into caring for our spouses, children, … Continue reading

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Make Ahead Muffin Tin French Toast

Every year, around September or so, several friends and I ditch our husbands, run away from our kids and head to the beach for a few days.  This year we landed in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.  Generally we don’t head … Continue reading

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Simple Things Sunday: A Broken Wing

I’ve never held a butterfly before.  I’ve certainly never had one crawl up on my hand and refuse to leave.  Until Friday.  More on where we were and what we did coming up this week, but for now… enjoy a … Continue reading

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Are you in a lovieless relationship?

Not loveless.  Lovieless. Up there with my daughter, that’s Blue.  Blue is a girl.  She’s been with us since before Addison was born.  She was a baby shower gift.  She is the original Blue.  There are others, but Little Miss … Continue reading

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Excuse me, but is that a chicken on your head?

Among the hundreds of things on my to-do list, somewhere near the bottom, is ‘copy pictures to CDs.’  I’m neurotic like that.  I save all of my image files on my laptop, my external hard drive and on CDs that … Continue reading

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Creamy Basil and Roasted Red Pepper Dressing

As summer draws to a close, most of my garden has given out on me.  My tomatoes have long been gone, except an exciting new development is their seeming re-emergence.  Only time will tell if the blooms with actually become … Continue reading

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Shhh…Don’t say it out loud!

I will be back with my regularly scheduled yummy food/recipe posts this week!  With vacations, school starting, etc cooking just hasn’t been #1 on my list.  Things are about to get crazier though… I won’t say it, but I will … Continue reading

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Simple Things Sunday: Swedish Fish & The Shifty Eyed Boy

Sometimes it fun to break the rules.   Swedish Fish for breakfast?  Sure!  An early morning shopping trip and the absence of this sister, netted Cullen the breakfast of champions. Personally, I find them to be absolutely disgusting, but my kids … Continue reading

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Fantastic Finds Friday: All Things Pumpkin

Since Halloween is only a little over a month away, and since I have a Spooky Buddies DVD giveaway going, I thought I’d share some of the yummy, pumpkin-centric recipes I’ve pinned this week.  I’m a huge fan of pumpkin … Continue reading

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Halloween is already upon us! Spooky Buddies Giveaway!

The Buddies are back in a spooktacular new Halloween movie, Spooky Buddies! It’s Halloween, and Disney’s irresistible talking puppies are back in an all-new movie that takes them far across town to a mysterious mansion where something very spooky is … Continue reading

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