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I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Tell me this doesn’t creep you out…at least a little bit. Thoughts on Elfie?  Do you have an Elf at your house too?  Has he done anything crazy or strange??? Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0

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Thinking Small Has a Big Impact

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0It’s been quiet around Mama.Mommy.Mom. for the last few days, though the scene in our home has been anything but.  Thursday was filled with family and food – lots of food – and Friday was filled with … Continue reading

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Spicy Sweet Potato and Bacon Bites

Like it? Share it!Pinterest54Facebook2Yummly0TwitterStumble1More57 The photo really doesn’t do these justice.  I promise.  They’re sweet, salty, creamy and crispy.  And, they bite back. A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a little blogger party at Fran’s Filling Station … Continue reading

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Simple Things Sunday: Toasty

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Our weather has been on some sort of ‘not quite winter’ roller coaster the past few weeks.  It’s like a Katy Perry song around here.  Yesterday, it was bone chilling cold and windy, today it’s a balmy … Continue reading

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Three Cheese Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole

Like it? Share it!Pinterest46Facebook4Yummly0TwitterStumble1More51I have long professed my love for Quinoa.  I’ve written about it several times now.  If you’re not familiar with Quinoa, it’s a pseudo-grain.  That means it looks like a grain, acts like a grain, but it’s … Continue reading

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Fantastic Finds Friday: Just Desserts!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0 Every Friday, well most of them anyway, I usually give you guys a little spill about why the particular subject matter I choose for the week was relevant to me.  Not this week.  This week is … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Party: Ariel Invitations

Like it? Share it!Pinterest6Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More6With my daughter’s 5th birthday rapidly approaching, I finally buckled down and put together her party invitations.  I’ve made her birthday invites every year, and every year I say I will never do it again.  Yet, here … Continue reading

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Souper Douper: Your Soup Recipes

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0Has it gotten cold here you are yet?  Our weather is so wishy-washy… it’s in the mid-70’s today, but our low on Thursday is 25.  I’m ready for winter to settle in…maybe even snow. A few weeks … Continue reading

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Simple Things: Just hanging around…

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0 This was one of those moments when I wish I’d had my real camera, alas my iPhone was the only thing handy.  My girl.  She’s truly happy in the country, the outdoors…the bugs, the dirt, the … Continue reading

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Sugar and Spice and everything nice!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0What’s on your Holiday wish list this year?  I can assure you that Sugar and Spice Scrubs are on mine!  in fact, they’re on my gift giving list too! Sugar and Spice Scrubs are amazingly affordable sugar … Continue reading

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