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2011 Wrap Up (and Your Food Favorites)

Today is the day we bid adieu to 2011 and prepare to welcome 2012.  I don’t know how the end of the year effects you, but for me it’s a time of reflection and planning.  Several years back, I would … Continue reading

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Would You Do It All Again?

I had a very poignant question posed to me today… Would you relive 2011? Wow, what a question!  Half of me wants to scream ‘No!’ but the rational half says ‘Of course I would!’  This year certainly hasn’t been roses … Continue reading

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Working My Way Out

Who else feels like a post-holiday-food blob? I’m debating dinner now.  Potato salad and ham again?  I think I’ll pass. I’m craving warm, un-sauced veggies.  Fresh herbs and chicken.  Salad.  Salad.  Salad.  Grilled chicken.  Salad. The thought of ham, turkey … Continue reading

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Coffee: The Only Reason My Kids Might See Christmas

They’re cute and they know it.  They try to use it to their advantage.  Sometimes it gives them the upper hand, but not today.  Today, I’m debating if Santa will actually come to our house or not. Sure, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Things You Should NOT Do When Crafting a Gingerbread House

#1 – Do not wait until 7 PM to start.  After a long day with the kids, one really should not attempt a gingerbread house when their patience is already shot. #2 – Do not involve the children.  I am … Continue reading

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The Man-Cold

Now, I know you are all jealous of my original artwork up there, but that’s all I got.  JC Little I am not.  And well, with Mr. Man-Cold in the house and Thing 1 and 2 out of school, I’m … Continue reading

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As Much As Things Change…

… some things will always remain the same. December 2009 December 2011

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The Little Mermaid {An Ariel Inspired Party}

The Little Mermaid {An Ariel Inspired Party} Party Like You’re 5 I am all partied out!  16 kids, one balloon/ceiling fan incident and a broken piece of furniture later, the girl’s 5th birthday party was a success! First, I owe … Continue reading

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It’s the Playoffs

My husband’s life seems to revolve around the schedule of the NCAA and the NFL.  His year starts in June, rather than January like mine.  Think of it as a fiscal year verses calendar year.  June, July and August are … Continue reading

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It’s Time to ReCharge!

It’s December, a crazy-busy month for us!  Between Thanksgiving (which is technically November, but still…) birthdays, holiday parties, Christmas shopping and all of the family gatherings – Mama needs a ReCharge!  Sadly, I am not electric and can’t just plug … Continue reading

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