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Perfect Summer Legs Summerize Your Legs - MamaMommyMom  #SummerizeYourLegs #ShopIn Summer…

The bees will buzz… If you aren’t singing Frozen in your head right now, you clearly don’t have children.  Summer is here!  Maybe not officially, but meteorologically.  It’s time to put away the pants and pull out the short (or skirts and sundresses, as the case may be for me) and show a little leg.

Admittedly, I don’t take good care of my legs in the winter.  I am a compulsive pants wearer, and to be honest, shaving my thick, dark, coarse leg hair just to cover those shinny, smooth puppies up just seems like a waste of time.  I’ll do a “quick shave” (knee down) and throw on cropped pants for a run, but you won’t see me shaving above the knee for a few months of the year.  Yes, I look like a yeti.  No, my husband doesn’t approve.  Yes, he’s gotten used to it.

Perfect Summer Legs Summerize Your Legs with Walmart - MamaMommyMom  #SummerizeYourLegs #ShopTime To Summerize

Getting my summer legs ready to be on display is a feat that can only begin after a trip to Walmart. I need supplies! (and about 45 minutes in the bathroom – without the kids harassing me.)  Hubs is usually pretty quick to assist with occupying the kids for the “first shaving of the legs” ritual.

Summerize Your Legs Exfoliate - MamaMommyMom  #SummerizeYourLegs #ShopFirst things first, you need to exfoliate!  I have a great friend who makes scrubs and bath products, so I always grab one of her sugar scrubs and give my legs and feet a good rub down.  Exfoliating helps get rid of all of those dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin, making way for your razor to give you a closer shave.  A closer shave = smoother legs!Summerize Your Legs Shave Intuition Razor - MamaMommyMom  #SummerizeYourLegs #ShopOnce you’ve scrubbed away all of those dead skin cells and thoroughly rinsed your legs, it’s time to shave.  Picking the right razor/shaving gel combo is super important to beautiful summer legs.  You can 2-in-1 it a with Schick® Intuition Pure Nourishment® razor, or it you prefer the feel of spreading a thick lather over your legs, grab Skintimate® Mandarin Burst and your favorite Schick® razor.  My personal favorite is the Schick® Quattro for Woman, but I prefer the Schick® Intuition for traveling (less to pack!)  How you shave is just as important as what you use to shave.  Did you know that shaving against the growth leads to more ingrown hairs and unsightly skin irritation?  I shave the sensitive areas (inner thighs, behind my knees) with the growth for that very reason, and against the growth on the more ‘sturdy areas’, like my calves.

Summerize Your Legs Protect Hawaiian Tropic - MamaMommyMom  #SummerizeYourLegs #ShopAfter you’ve exfoliated and shaved, it’s time to protect and moisturize.  There are lots of great lotions/sunscreens on the market, but you can’t beat the scent and feel of Hawaiian Tropic® Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance.  It’s a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, makes your skin feel silky smooth and nourishes all of those freshly exposed healthy skin cells to keep your summer legs looking hot!

Get your legs ready for summer with lots of moisture, a quality razor and plenty of sun protection.  Find shaving, moisturizing and beauty products at Walmart.com and enter to win an amazing Summerize Your Legs prize pack and grab yourself some other tips on how to make your summer legs look their best!

Do you have a summer shaving routine?  Are you an “ignore it all winter” kinda gal too?  (My husband would love to know he’s not the only one married to a yeti.)

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8 Responses to 3 Steps For The Perfect Summer Legs #SummerizeYourLegs #Shop

  1. Carly says:

    I need to try that shaving cream!

  2. Laura says:

    Is that weird that I shave with a men’s razor? I just feel like I get a closer shave with it!

  3. becka says:

    I have to admit sometimes I think hmm I could just wear pants. 🙂 I need to do better I’m sure my hubbie would agree

  4. Chelsea says:

    Exfoliating is such an important step that people miss! I just invested in a nice razor and shaving gel and my legs are soooo smooth!

  5. I always forget to exfoliate! So I need to get better about that, thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  6. katherine says:

    Now I want that razor!

  7. Sara Merritt says:

    A Yeti.. you crack me up! I shave every other day all year long. 😉 #client

  8. I love the Schick Intuition razors. I actually just bought a new one because my old one ran away.

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