50 First Dates? I Think I’ll Just Watch A Movie.

This post is sponsored by Netflix.  As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I receive complimentary Netflix streaming.  We were Netflix customers for years before becoming members of the #StreamTeam.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Being single, it’s been…interesting. Dating?  Even more interesting.  I’m nearly 35 years old and I’m going out to dinner, or out for drinks about every other night (on average – I don’t go out when I have my kids).  I’ve learned a few things through this process.  First, I don’t know how the girls on The Bachelorette do it.  Men are jealous creatures.  Tell them you’re not settling down with one person and then they really get jealous.  Second, I am not 21 anymore.  I am old.  I cannot hang.  Third, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.  <sigh>  I’m still looking.

At the end of a busy week of dating, I am exhausted.  EXHAUSTED.  And I really, really just need to spend some time alone and decompress.  One of my dates last week equated it to the Bachelorette taking some time to think about who would get a rose before the ceremony.  At least that one has a sense of humor about my dating life.

Seriously though, I do have to take some down time to give my brain a break.  My current task – Catch up on my Netflix watchlist!  The last season of Sons of Anarchy is up, I’m still behind on The Walking Dead and I’m always in need of a laugh from a good comedy!  Laughter makes the bad dates a lot more tolerable (and there have been a LOT of bad dates!)  Maybe I’ll just start dating Netflix?  Can I do that?

Are there any other single moms out there like me?  Navigating the dating world and debating the merits of just giving up and having a monogamous relationship with your couch and Netflix instead?  I’d love to hear your dating stories… and hear about what you’re watching on Netflix!

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