52 Weeks of Me: Texture and Under Exposed (12 and 14/52)

I thought I would never catch up, but finally!!!
Week 12 in 52 Weeks of Me had me stumped.  Texture.  I started out focusing on the texture of my background, then decided that I didn’t like the overall look of the raw image, so I ended up layering a texture over the whole thing (stained glass) and now I’m pretty happy with it!
If you can’t tell, I’m laying on our concrete patio.  I live in a subdivision.  I wonder what the neighbors think of me.  The single man next door has an unhealthy obsession with telescopes.  Surely he doesn’t judge.
Week 14 was much easier…Under Exposed.  That was a piece of cake.  I set my shutter speed way to high, and voila!  Under exposed.
I’m bloated.  I can see it in my face.  I blame Panda Express.  And, I really should wear make-up for some of these.  I’m just too lazy.  In truth, the kids just won’t leave me alone long enough to put it on.  You should see the chaos that ensued while I took these.  It was bad.  I promise.
I’m hopping in a new blog hop this week…join us!

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  1. mombo880 says:

    Thanks for the follow, following back 🙂
    I don’t think you need makeup! I like “messing” around with pictures too. I’m not very creative or anything but…I like trying!

  2. Amie says:

    New follower from the hop. I hope you’ll check out my site. Thanks.

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