It’s 6 AM On Monday… Where Are You?

It’s Monday morning, 6 AM and I am sitting in the airport.  I’m off to the great white (?  maybe not white yet, but definitely cold) North.  Ohio to be exact.  Until a few minutes ago, I was heading into Akron.  Since I started writing this, my flight has been cancelled and I’m rebooked for Cleveland… but not departing for a few hours.  Oh, and since I started this, I have confirmed that it is in fact quite white up there and with my reroute, I get to drive in hour in that mess.  There are a lot of Ohioans (?) about to hate this Southern girl.

Since I have some time on my hands, now seems like the perfect time for a quick “life” update.  Here we go….

Fenway and the BunnyI have the best dog ever.  Seriously.  How many dogs do you know that will just hang out with a random bunny without trying to make a Scooby snack of it?  His only concern?  How much longer was I going to pet/take pictures of the bunny before I gave him some more lovin’.  The only animals I don’t feel safe turning Fenway loose with?  Chickens.  For some reason, he just can’t not chase them.  I mean, chickens are delicious.

Frozen Birthday CakeWe’ve finally gone to our first Frozen birthday party.  I’m surprised it took this long.  My sister made this amazing Frozen cake for the birthday girl.  Everyone loved it, as they always love my sister’s cakes.  I can’t wait to see how Addison’s Dolphin Tale cake turns out next month.  I am sure it will be amazing.

Giant JengaGiant Jenga.  It exists.  It is crazy fun.  I need to own one of these.  Setting it up to be darn near ready to fall, then walking away to wait for the poor people who decided to finish our game… that was epic.

Homework dramaI present to you, my almost 8 year old’s homework.  She actually thought this would fly with me.  Really kid?  Do you even know me?  I do love the exclamation point in the first section though.  She was committed to her lack of understanding of the questions, despite the fact that she’s done the same worksheet every week this year so far and this is the first time the instructions suddenly didn’t make sense.  Nice try kid.

Furminator ReviewDear Furminator, You are awesome.  I love you, I am sorry I didn’t buy you before now, and I will never let you go.  I could have sat and scrapped hair off Fenway for hours!  I pretty much removed a small puppy’s worth of fur from him.  I’m looking forward to bathing him and doing it again.  That’s a little concerning.

Taylor Swift 1989Things that make me happy?  Right now, that near the top of that list would be Taylor Swift’s album, 1989.  I can seriously listen to it on repeat, especially Blank Space.  Have you seen the video?  Taylor does crazy really, really well.

If it makes you happy, do itIf you’ve made it this far, I’ve saved the best (well, in my opinion) for last.  Despite the fact that I haven’t been separated that long, at least by some people’s definition, I have started dating.  Actually, not just dating, but I have a boyfriend.  I’m hearing a lot of “too soon!”, but the fact is that he makes me happy and I make him happy too.  As long as things stay that way, I’m going to do what makes me happy, regardless of the opinions of others.  I’ve gotta do what makes me happy and not worry so much about everyone else.

So, that’s my Monday morning update.  I’ve got to pack up and get ready to *hopefully* board a plane.  I’m not counting my chickens until the eggs have hatched.


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  1. Janet says:

    *like* so happy for you! safe travels!

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