Finding A Minute For Mom

Better Crocker Sweet Rewards24 hours is 1440 minutes.  480 of those minutes should be spent sleeping.  I spend another 540 minutes at work, about 90 minutes in a car, and another 60 or so cooking.  Then there’s homework, showering, bathroom breaks and more.  Even walking the dog hacks away at those 1440 minutes.  Some days,  I feel thrilled just to find 1 of those minutes for myself.  It seems like someone always needs something.  Even the dog follows me to the bathroom.

It’s much easier to find a minute to myself on the weekends, but Monday through Friday can prove to be a challenge.  One of the things I’ve found works to help me find just 60 seconds to myself is to have my children help me with the evening madness.  I have my daughter empty lunchboxes, pack snacks for the next day and my son helps with walking and feeding the dog.  I try to use those 5 minutes to use the bathroom in peace and grab myself a snack before the evening madness begins.

My new favorite snack is Betty Crocker Sweet Reward Bars.  They come in three flavors and they are the perfect way to have a moment, even if it is only one, to yourself any day.  Check out these sweet savings on Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars and enter our $15 Paypal Cash Giveaway below.

How do you manage to find a minute to yourself everyday?  Do you have the kids help out?  Do you have a fail-proof evening routine that helps you carve out 60 seconds for yourself?

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  1. Gina M says:

    They look delicious!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  2. Sean says:

    This is Sean. I see my name on here but don’t recall getting a message. How do I claim my prize 🙂 ?

  3. Sean says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Sorry, it either went to spam and I trashed it or didn’t see it. I emailed you directly at Would it be possible for you to email me again?

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