The 7 Best Ways To Empower Young Minds


Preparing your children for college begins the moment they become curious about the world around them. For students to be most productive at the college level, they should be curious about the world around them and willing to delve into educational topics beyond the surface level. In short, your child should have an appreciation for learning new things.

For most, this is not a switch the flips on after graduating from high school. They will have been reared with an ongoing expectation that attending college will be the next logical step. To do this, young minds need to be nurtured constantly and empowered to set and accomplish challenge goals.

Create an environment that empowers your child with the following suggestions.

  1. Encourage your children to explore their environment. This doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Take walks around your neighborhood and challenge them to identify elements in nature. Spend time observing creatures in their natural habitats. Help your children make sense of the world around them.
  2. Expose your children to different cultures. You can either do this virtually or by venturing into communities around you. Shop at a culturally specific grocery store to create meals from another part of the world. Attend a festival that celebrates a different culture to enjoy the sights and sounds of people from other parts of the world.
  3. Engage your children with open ended questions. Ask questions to show interest in how your child thinks and feels. This creates a dialogue that will help your children become expressive and learn to communicate well.
  4. Explore college campuses in your area. When children can see the next logical step, the process becomes more realistic. Talk about the steps you’ll need in order to fund a college degree and hard work each person should put in ahead of time in order to make matriculating to college a reality.
  5. Entertain your child’s attempts to dream out loud. Help your children set goals and figure out how they can realistically accomplish those goals.
  6. Experiment with various activities. This will give your children an opportunity to try new things and discover hidden talents. While your children may not excel at everything, the exposure can help you identify additional activities to guide your children toward to nurture skills that they may naturally possess.
  7. Enjoy educational opportunities. Help your children understand that learning new things can be a lot of fun. Frequent trips to museums and cultural institutions of learning open your child to new worlds beyond their everyday experiences.


We only have a short time to pour into our children and create a lasting impact that affects how they relate to education. The tips above don’t have to cost much money or require an exorbitant amount of time on top of your existing busy schedules. It’s important to leverage the time you have and resources available to empower the young minds within your sphere of influence. These early experiences can make a deeper impact on the rest of your child’s educational experience and thus their lives.


Hilary Smith has writing in her blood and communications on her brain. This yoga enthusiast appreciates a daily workout and loves keeping time with two children. A mother by day and writer by night, Hillary keeps abreast of the latest tech apps as she focuses in on the field of digital parenting.

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  1. Chris says:

    Excellent read. The more we can do to empower, frame and shape their minds for the good at a young age the better. especially these days with so many distractions due to technology.

    Loving your blog (from a dad blogger haha)

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