7 Scary Places to Visit in North Carolina

Scary Place in NC


Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

This home has been labeled as America’s largest home. It apparently is also home to a number of spirits. The ghosts of former owner George Vanderbilt and his wife are seen and heard in various places including the library. A lady who died during a fall in the hotel’s atrium is known as The Pink Lady and she inhabits a fifth-floor guest room. It’s been rumored she is still here because she actually jumped to her death because her heart had been broken by a lover.


“Biltmore Estate” by JcPollock – Self-published work by JcPollock. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

The Great Dismal Swamp, Northern Border of NC & Virginia

The swamp is populated with overhanging cypress and shady grass-filled water. It seems like it would be a logical place, then, for reported hauntings too. There have been reports of unexplained lights and sounds all over the swamp at all times of day and night. Slaves are rumored to have used the swamp as a route of escape and there are the remains of slave settlements in various places. There is also a young man who has been spotted rowing a ghostly canoe across some of the open water, looking for his lost love.

Great Dismal Swamp

*Photo sourced from The Great Dismal Swamp’s Facebook page.

Paint Rock, Madison County, North Carolina

This area is named because of the large rock discovered covered with pictographs done by Indians who passed through. Young men who camp in the area describe the ghost of a beautiful Cherokee Indian woman who comes to them and sings a beautiful song. She has been described as a bit of a siren, luring the men to pitch their tents closer and closer to the river, ultimately drawing them to their deaths by drowning.

White-Holman House, Raleigh, North Carolina

This mansion was built in the finest architecture of its time, then has been modified over time to fit whomever was living there or the purpose the building was used for. However, one thing that was never changed was the back staircase. From the beginning, residents and visitors have reported hearing someone walking up and down the stairs – one booted step and one wooden leg step. It is unknown who the ghost might be since it has never been seen, but it has remained constant even as the tenants of the home have changed.

White-Holman House NC

*Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

The Devil’s Stairs, West Jefferson, North Carolina

Near a bridge on NC194, there is a bridge crossing Buffalo Creek. Nearby to the bridge, there is a rock formation where four nearly perfect, nearly 12-foot stairs have been carved. There have been a number of hauntings and sightings in this area, even back to the time of the Native Americans. They avoided the area, going around the area completely. There was a man who was killed during the excavation of the area for the railroad and there are those that believed that Satan may have played a part. This is where the “Devil’s Stairs” came from. People began to hear a man singing old hymns along the railroad and seeing a headless ghost near there as well.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro is the home to Lydia, the vanishing hitchhiker, among other spooky tales. This is one of those stories that seems like an urban legend. But since a number of people have had the same experience, it could be that there is something to all the stories. The first story told is that a man is driving back to Greensboro late one night and sees a figure coming out of the fog. It’s a young lady in an evening gown and she is wet and cold. She claims to have had a fight with her boyfriend and needs a ride. Being a gentleman, the young man gives her a ride. When he goes around to open her door to help her out, she’s gone. He goes to the door of the home and discovers that the young woman he picked up was killed in an accident some years before. It seems that she is always trying to get home, but is never quite successful.

Teach's Hole

*Photo from Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Teach’s Hole, Ocracoke, North Carolina

The legend of the ghost of the pirate Blackbeard is said to frequent the cove here. The legend of Blackbeard is known quite well because of movies and stories. He was most interested in obtaining loot, not killing for what he could just get by being feared. One story tells that his men on the ship needed medicine, so they blockaded the harbor and kidnapped some of the city councilmen until their demands were met. During a fight with Lieutenant Robert Maynard, Blackbeard was shot and stabbed to death. Legend says that he was beheaded and his head hung from Maynard’s ship and his body thrown overboard. The story goes that the body swam rapidly around the ship and the head screamed hysterically. These same things are said to have been sighted even today, especially on dark, moonless nights.


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