9 Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities

If you’re anything like me, you always have grand plans but you seem to get sidetracked while taking care of those little leprechauns you call your children.  So, St. Patrick’s Day has snuck up on you.  You’re ill prepared.  You want to do something with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day, but what?!?

I’ve got you covered!  I’ve scoured Pinterest to find easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts and activities you can do with your own little leprechauns, most of which you probably already have the materials handy for.

If you want a sentimental keepsake, you could go with these handprint shamrock canvases...

Shamrock Handprint CanvasHave a little one that loves to dress up?  Pair this awesome beard from No Time For Flashcards with a hat like this one from All Kids Network and your little leprechaun can look the part.

Kids in the Kitchen has this wicked looking green slime recipe… my kids would LOVE it!

If you want something super simple, Housing a Forest has a basic paper plate shamrock… great for the young leprechauns.  There’s glitter!  Who doesn’t love glitter?

Living with a princess?  If you have a daughter, who isn’t?  She can rock out St. Patrick’s Day in her very own crown.  Rainbow, optional.

The Teacher Wife has a great little activity that makes kids think about what they have that’s a real value in their lives… so much more than gold!  These are the sorts of projects that are fun to tuck away and share with your kids when they have kids of their own.

Crafty Morning has kind of made my day with these End of the Rainbow Twirlers.  I want to make about a dozen to hang outside – year round!

And while you’re at it… you should make her leprechaun binoculars too!

Are you doing something cute of fun with your little leprechauns this year?  If you have a favorite craft project for the holiday, share it with us on Facebook!

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