A Family, A Cow and A Camel Walk Into A Bar…

A Family, a Cow and a Camel walk into a bar…

Not a very funny joke, eh? We didn’t think so either.  Nor did the thousands of other families who visited the Cleveland County, NC Fair this year.  46 confirmed cases, one death (a little boy who was only 2 years old) and more E Coli news every day.  Gage’s family (the little boy who passed away) says they aren’t angry, that it was a freak accident, but my heart hurts for them – and for everyone else suffering because of a trip to the county fair.
The exact cause is still uncertain, but the county health department says they have all but ruled out food and believe the petting zoo may be the source – The one animal centric attraction we didn’t take part in.  I was tired (I had already ran a 5K) and it had been a long day.  The choices were 1) Ride a Camel or 2) Go to the petting zoo.  I’ve never been happier to see a giant, furry animal in my life.
There were hand washing stations everywhere.  Literally.  We washed our hands at least half a dozen times in 20 minutes.
I mean, really… who wants to grab a cow’s underparts and NOT wash their hands???  There was the cow milking, then the show arena (where my children were loving up on cows who had probably rolled around in their own poop), the chicken barn (clearly my ‘I’m allergic to everything that breathes’ husband did not join us there) and the petting zoo.  I’m still over hear counting my blessings about the petting zoo.
Anyway, E Coli outbreak aside, I don’t see this as keeping us from another trip to the fair next year.  I mean, where else can you climb into a helicopter with a random guy and fly around hundreds of feet above the ground for $10?
Only at the county fair…
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  1. We went to the Cleveland Co Fair, too. And luckily we didn’t get sick. We somehow managed to avoid the petting area. It was getting late and Tristan was tired. We had already rode rides, ate and milked the cow. And we, too, washed our hands after EVERYTHING we touched. I am very thankful we missed out on the E Coli and like you, my heart breaks for the family that lost the 2 year old. But we will go back next year. And we will continue to wash our hands like crazy.

  2. Lizzy Do says:

    Oh, how sad. I hadn’t heard about this outbreak. I carry Purell where ever I go…and I guess I have a right to be paranoid :/

  3. omg, how terribly sad. 🙁 I’m glad you guys had fun, though, and skipped that area.

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