A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Furry Friends

The following post, A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Furry Friends, is written by Nat Smith, Rover.com community member.  This post is sponsored by Rover.com.  Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.  This post may also contain affiliate links.

Holiday Gift Guide For Your Furry Friends

True, pets may not catch on to the concept of gift-giving…but they love thoughtful gifts all the same. Here are some classic go-to gifts for your own furry friends, or the pets of your holiday guests.

Training Treats

Even an older pet can benefit from the positive reinforcement of nibbly bits used for training. Look for healthy options with few additives and whole, real ingredients. Dogs will love dehydrated liver treats, while cats will enjoy grain-free salmon bites. Pet parents might also appreciate training aids like the Gentle Leader Head Collar, or guides like The Art of Raising a Puppy.

Chew Toys & Chew Alternatives

Look for sturdy toys from reliable brands, like the KONG Traxx Tire toy for dogs. You can also check your local pet store for natural antlers and bones. Not all cats like to chew, but many will give it a go. Others like cuddly stuffed animals or catnip-filled toys. Your choice will depend on the cat’s preferences and what toys they already have. Kitty’s Garden is a perfect alternative for cats who like to chew up Styrofoam.

Subscription Boxes

Popular subscription boxes now allow the gift-giving to continue all year! Check out BarkBox for dogs and the MeowBox for felines. These fun-filled monthly boxes can be purchased individually and placed under the tree, or in multi-month series.

Pet Starter Kit

If your dog-loving friend has been talking about getting a dog, you might be tempted to pick out a puppy and put it under the tree. But not so fast. Rover’s complete guide to giving a puppy as a gift has another suggestion (and explains why): a starter kit, assembled from scratch that includes everything the new owner(s) will need to get started on their journey. This is ideal even if you wish to give your child a new pup–they should be fully prepared before the needy puppy shows up in real life. The kit can include books, toys, food and water bowls, a gift certificate to a local animal rescue, and more.

Gift Card to Rover.com

Even more than people, pets value experiences over things. And a pet-sitting gift card turns what could be a lousy experience into a great one: the next time the pet’s parent is away, the animal can have a true adventure instead of moping and missing them. In fact, Rover’s services can even be used to cover doggy daycare and drop-in visits, so it’s incredibly versatile.

If the pet in question is your own, book a sitter to look after them while you go shopping for the rest of your list.  You can both have a fun, relaxing afternoon, and your pet gets a fun change of pace while you knock out the rest of your holiday stress.

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