Life doesn’t end after becoming a mom.  We’ve still got friends, hobbies, interests and a life outside of our children.  Granted, those things may take a backseat sometimes but that’s why we’re here – to reclaim our lives and the things we love.

When we’re happy, we’re better moms, wives/girlfriends and friends!   From food to fitness and parenting to photography, you’ll find it here.  Don’t be shy!  Join the conversation here, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.  If you’re looking for project inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards too!

Want to get to know who you’re talking to?

Jamie Rippy – Owner/Editor/Writer

121027Rippy027Jamie started Mama.Mommy.Mom. in 2009, after the birth of her second child, as a creative outlet and way to connect with other women with similar interests and a desire to share their life experiences.

Jamie is a native of North Carolina, where she still resides today.  She is a single mom to two mostly adorable, crazily energetic kids (7 & 5) and a Border Collie.  Jamie’s free time is limited at best, but she loves to fill it with food, projects and her wonderful friends.  Jamie has a professional background in Human Resources, Accounting and Non-profit Management.

You can contact Jamie at

Juli – Writer

JuliJuli brings a unique perspective to Mama.Mommy.Mom… She’s here to share all the joys and struggles of having a pre-teen girl and living as a divorcee.

 Juli was born and raised in Moundsville, WV.  At the age of 26, she moved to Columbus, OH where she resided for 11 years.  Then a great promotion was offered to her and she moved her family to New York City.  She and her family resided in NYC for 2 years.  When the economy turned south, Juli was forced to seek other employment.  She and her family ended up in Mooresville, NC in 2009.

 After a 13 year marriage, and raising a then 10 year old, she and her husband decided to call it quits.  She has struggled the past two years with finding herself and raising a pre-teen.  She works several part-time jobs from home, allowing her to be available for her daughter.

Laura – Writer

Laura-HeadshotLaura is coming to us all the way from the UK.  Laura, an American, is married to her best friend who is British.  2 years ago when they found our they were expecting their first child they made the move to the UK.  Laura met her husband when she was 17 and living in El Salvador with her family.  Her husband had gone on a youth trip to the area. The two met and they were instant best friends.  But unlike her husband, who years later confessed to having a crush on her, she would have bet anything she wouldn’t have ended up marrying him.  10 years later they reconnected and the walk down the isle came just 13 months later.

Adjusting to life as parents has been a journey of discovery.  Discovering who they are, not only as parents, but also as a married couple.  Laura admits that on the outside her parenting choices might seem unique, but she is just the same as every parent out there, learning what works for her and basically guessing and hoping for the best.

Laura is excited to share in the parenting journey with you. If you have any questions for her ask away. Laura exclusively breastfed for 6 months and continued breastfeeding until 18 months.  She uses reusable diapers and doesn’t own a stroller, instead uses baby carriers.  She also did Baby-Led Weaning with her daughter (which skips the purred stage of weaning). Any questions about any of these things or if you just want to say hi, she loves chatting so ask away.

Mani – Writer

HeadshotMani (pronounced “Money” – there’s a story behind that) is the mother of two rambunctious little boys, is a wife, is owned by a very fluffy Siberian husky, and is a tiramisu connoisseur.

She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has her own psychology practice outside of Charlotte, North Carolina where she sees children, adolescents, and adults.

She has enjoyed writing for as far back as she can remember, and she has worked as a freelance journalist and copy editor in the past. In her spare time, she enjoys doing obstacle course races and being an information junkie.

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  3. Wow! Looks like you ladies have put together a well-rounded group of mommas for us! I seriously cannot wait to check out some of your posts. Between the four of you you’re bound to be an expert panel. Great getting to know you through the Blogtober SITS challenge.

  4. Jenn Rian says:

    Thanks, Jamie, for stopping by my “about” page today for SITS Blogtober. This is a nice “about” page. I love that your contributors each bring something different to the table and that’s featured very nicely on this page. I wouldn’t change a thing, except to maybe link up a few posts by each mama underneath her “about” section.

  5. Katie Hubbard says:

    Looks interesting! I’ll have to look around

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