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AG Dolls

And, So It Begins

Obsession would be a mild way to describe the girl’s love for American Girl.  She was smitten from the first catalog and her affinity for all things “doll” hasn’t waned since.  It’s been a little over 2 years now since she really started showing interest in American Girl.  She got her first 18 inch doll (a knock off) for Christmas in 2012 and it’s been just about 7 months since she got her first real American Girl doll.

It’s been an expensive, enlightening 7 months.  If you’ve got an American Girl fan in your house, you know exactly what I mean.  We’ve been on a quest to find awesome, and less expensive alternative to some of the official American Girl products.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the official products are great, but I would rather save the money to add new dolls than to buy tiny pieces and parts that will eventually end up lost somewhere in my daughter’s room or wicked expensive pieces of furniture that we can duplicate (within reason) for much less.

I know I’m not the only American Girl mom out there looking to feed their kiddo’s obsession on the cheap, so I wanted to share a few of our favorite finds with you guys.

My Froggy Stuff

My girl has become a Youtube expert since getting her Kindle Fire.  It’s scary how quickly kids can learn to navigate the internet.  One of her, and subsequently my, favorite finds has been My Froggy Stuff.  They have a great Youtube channel with all sorts of DIY tutorials for dolls (Barbie sized too!).  Here’s a great tutorial for making a “Back To School Binder” for your doll.

Katie’s Craftations

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should), you may have seen the picture I shared of our new Easter collection from Katie’s Craftations.  I can not say enough great, amazing, awesome things about Katie’s product or customer service.  We have had nothing but wonderful experiences on all counts.  The price is right, the quality is amazing, the service is top notch and I get the added bonus of supporting a small business!

Katie's Craftations American Girl Food

Harmony Club Dolls

My daughter’s fashion sense is also a little off the beaten path and she really enjoys mixing up her outfits and accessories to come up with some “unique” combinations.  And I mean her actual wardrobe, but her dolls’ too.  Hair accessories and shoes are big requests, and I can’t drop $34 to get a pair of rain boots – at least not for a special occasion like a birthday or something.  For things like random wardrobe pieces, shoes and whatnot, the girl and I have fallen in love with clearance shopping at Harmony Club Dolls.  Accessories under $5?  Yes, please!

Harmony Club Dolls skupinkorganzabowA Few Others

For you DIY’ers, here are a few other sites we’ve found that are full of great ideas!  Some are more complex than the others and some definitely require a time commitment, but to see the look on your kid’s face when you make a tree house for their doll… totally worth it!  The fact that it costs you less than $10 – That will make you smile.

Living A Dolls Life

Doll It Up

AG Doll Play

You can also check out our American Girl Pinterest Board for other ideas, resources, crafts and more.  If you have a favorite site or resource for American Girl, please share it with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.  I’m sure there are plenty of other AG addicts that would love to see more of the best resources out there.  We’ll be pinning our favorites to our American Girl Pinterest Board as well, so be sure to follow us for links to specific projects and resources.

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  1. Kerry Cairns says:

    I’m just going to be honest, I hope this is one obsession my daughter never develops! LOL! Maybe I can convince her that if she saves that money, it means more Disney trips! It’s American Girl are SO cute, but it’s so out of budget for us. Glad to know that customs are becoming more popular to save parents money! The customs are super cute!

  2. Betty T says:

    I am so glad I found your site.

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