Attention PTA Moms (and Dads!): A Fundraiser That Actually Makes Sense! #Giveaway

This is my first year as a PTA parent.  While I’m not sitting on any specific committees, I am volunteering and trying to be involved where and when I can.  School had barely started when Addison came home with her first fundraiser package.  Since then, several fundraisers have followed – including selling candy at Halloween (BooGrams), specialty art products and a few other things.

I don’t want to be the parent constantly begging my friends to buy junk from my kid, especially when the percentage of money the school gets is usually fairly low.

Back in September at BART2012, I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the guys from CardRaising.  CardRaising is a unique take (at least in my opinion) on the typical school fundraisers.

First, it’s not your typical fundraiser fare.  Their beautiful cards aren’t a set of stock options to select from, but a HUGE gallery of highly customizable options.

Second, 30% of your purchase goes to the school of your choice.  Order $100 worth of holiday cards?  $30 of that goes to your school.

Third, there are no orders to take, no orders to deliver, no money to handle.  Everything is handled online via CardRaising.  <--- HUGE selling point for me!

These are the cards we designed this year.  If you’re on my holiday card list, you can look forward to having one of these lovely, high quality cards show up in your mailbox in December.

Here’s what I love about the product:

As I mentioned before, the cards offered by CardRaising are high quality.  There are virtually unlimited design options, customizable from color to message to photos.  The cards range in price from $.99 to $1.99 each (very reasonable) and are available in a variety of formats (postcard, flat card, folded card, etc.)  The website is easy to navigate and is very user friendly.

Here’s what I think needs improvement:

The upload speed for your photos is a little slow.  It was tolerable, especially if you are doing a single photo card, but was definitely a ‘walk away and come back’ thing for me with 4 photos.  Also, while the cards are very affordable, shipping is higher than what I think it should be on a base shipping option.  Base shipping will run you $13.99 – which is not bad if you’re placing a large order, but it can be a little daunting if you’re only ordering 25.  I can deal with it though knowing that my school is getting 30% of my purchase and the cards themselves are so reasonable.

Overall, I definitely believe CardRaising is a win and something all PTAs should look into.  Holiday cards are great to give, fun to receive and 30% for your school at the same time – with none of the hassle of a traditional fundraiser  – is pretty darn awesome.

By simply entering on the Rafflecopter form below by November 23rd,  5 winners will chosen to receive a $20 Cardraising promotional gift card. Remember, thirty percent of every purchase goes to a school or charity of your choice! You already plan on ordering holiday cards and what’s better than customizable cards that also give back? Visit: for more details on how to give back. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I received my own $20 Gift Card from CardRaising, however it was mine regardless of writing about their product or not.  All opinions expressed above are those of Mama.Mommy.Mom. and no one else.

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4 Responses to Attention PTA Moms (and Dads!): A Fundraiser That Actually Makes Sense! #Giveaway

  1. I’ve seen the Cardraising cards and they are FANTASTIC quality! I’m going to be ordering Christmas Cards anyway–it’s a no brainer if I can also be helping a good cause!

  2. PS – I love the simple “Peace” card.

  3. I love the one that says JOY and has the picture in the letter O. :>

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