Back To School $175 Paypal Giveaway #BackToSchool

We all know how crazy expensive back to school can be.  Some fellow bloggers got together to do a little Paypal giveaway for you guys to help with the expenses of heading #BackToSchool

Paypal Giveaway #BackToSchool - MamaMommyMomAnd by a little giveaway, I mean $175 in cold hard Paypal cash!  Maybe you’ll use it all on notebooks, pencils, markers and the laundry list of other school supplies your kids need in lower grades, or maybe you’ll use it for a mini fridge in your freshman’s new dorm room.  Maybe your kiddos need new shoes and winter clothes, or maybe you want to order some new curriculum for your homeschool.  That’s the beauty of a Paypal Giveaway… you can do whatever you want with it!

We haven’t started our back to school shopping yet, despite the fact that my kids start back in just over a week.  Both of my kids need new shoes, new backpacks, new pretty much everything.  I think I just spent the $175 from this Paypal giveaway in my head without even moving!

Enter now before you miss out! You’ve got 5 days left to enter.

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4 Responses to Back To School $175 Paypal Giveaway #BackToSchool

  1. bianca roman says:

    i’d shop for new clothes and sharpies!!!

  2. kah cherub says:

    I have to buy school supplies for my little sister. 🙂

  3. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    id back to school shop for my family!

  4. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would back to school shop for my son.

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