Back to School: 36 Days To Freedom

Not that I’m counting or anything.
My first baby going to kindergarten.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Actually, yes I am.  I’m excited.  Excited for Addison, for Cullen and for me.  What am I not excited about?  School supply shopping.  I suppose I will fight will all of the other crazies next weekend (which is ‘tax-free’ weekend here in NC) and buy a thousand glue sticks and 50 boxes of crayons (I might be exaggerating) for the girl to tote off to school and later complain about when she has materials available there that she doesn’t have at home.  I’m tempted to buy in duplicate.
And backpacks… what a rip off!  Have you seen how much some of those things are?  How about we have a section for the younger kids?  My 5 year old certainly does not need a $40 backpack, but will surely beg for that one when it’s beside the $13 special.  In fact, she already has.  And I’ve already said no.  And we’ve already had the drama filled fit right there in Target.  I stuck to my guns and we left without a backpack.  Why did I do that?  Now I just get to endure it again.
Our whole schedule is about to change.  Everything in the mornings is moving up about 45 minutes, and now I have two stops to make in the morning instead of just one and a 45 minute gap in between.  What the heck do I do with that?  The afternoons are going to change too.  Usually, I pick both kids up at 1 pm (on the 3 days I’m not in the office) and we’re home for the rest of the afternoon.  I always have work to do, for my actual job or the house, and then there’s dinner.  Now, I’ll be adding a second trip out to get the girl sometime between 4:30 and 5 PM.  The upside, rather than coming home with two screaming children and 1 PM, I’m only coming home with 1.  I’m really hoping that this ‘alone’ time helps Cullen learn to play a little more independently.  The kids often end up fighting like cats and dogs in the afternoons and generally spend most of it either fighting, bickering or hanging on my legs while trying to tattle on the other.  Absence makes the heart grown fonder, we hope?
Who’s out there like me with a little one starting school this year?  How do you think it’s going to impact your family?  Do you see the change as a good one, or are you nervous/apprehensive about it?
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  1. We started Kindergarten last year and it was a great time for Big Brother to get away from his siblings. I recommend L.L. Bean for the backpack. They have a Lifetime Guarantee so you can send it back at ANY time for a replacement. Big Brother’s still looks brand new and we’re buying him a matching lunch box this year 🙂 Good luck!!

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