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Favorite Work Clothes

I’ve officially been back to a 40+ hour a week office job for three weeks.  I’m alive, but barely.  Getting up, dressed in a professional manner, and out of the house by 6:30 has been challenging.  I am exhausted.

Being that I haven’t worked in a professional office environment for some time, my wardrobe was severely lacking.  Aside from a suitable dress or two, I didn’t have much that fit the bill.  Three weeks in, I’ve found a few pieces that are now essential parts of my summer wardrobe.

Everything pictured above is from Kohls, with the exception of the blue heels.  Those pretty little height-adders are from Nine West, the Kristal Platform.  My boyfriend loves them because he’s super tall, so he doesn’t have to bend down as far for a little peck when I’m wearing those.

The black heels are Croft & Barrow.  They are far more comfortable than the blue heels from Nine West, but they don’t give me the same height boost.  It’s ok.  My boyfriend can’t always have a tall girlfriend.

The pants are Apt 9 Trousers.  Yes, I bought them in three colors.  They are also available in brown.  I will probably break down and order those soon.  These are easily the most comfortable dress pants I’ve ever worn.

You may notice that two of the tops look very similar.  That’s because they are the same style, just two different prints.  I am so in love with these shirts, it’s ridiculous!  They are super cute and super comfy!  They are Dana Buchman Drapeneck tops.  They are very reasonably priced too!

The teal top is from Apt 9 and the style is called Embellished Mock Layer Tank.  It is also super comfortable and has some length to it, which is important for girls with small waists and bigger thighs.  If a shirt is too short, it just accentuates the size of my thighs.

Last but not least is the Chaps Striped Faux Wrap Top.  It’s really comfy too, though it is a little low cut and I need to wear a little tank top underneath to cover up the girls a bit.  While it is sleeveless, the shoulders cap just a bit and that gives it a more professional look.

I’m sure as I do more shopping I will have more fun finds to share with you guys.  In the meantime, do you have any summer trends – work or casual fashion – that you’re loving right now?  Share them in the comments below.

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