Bacon Milkshake – Gross or Genius?

Bacon, bacon everywhere!  Generally, you won’t hear me complain.  I happened upon something last week though that blew my mind: The Bacon Milkshake.

Bacon Milkshake - MamaMommyMomAre you as completely freaked out right now as I am?  A bacon milkshake?  What?  My emotions ranged from disgusted to intrigued and I almost bought one just out of sheer curiosity.  My good senses kicked in (and the fact that I had my dog in the car, and it was hot outside, and I was late getting back from lunch already) and I decided to pass.  I have been completely vexed by this sweet and savory abomination ever since.

And I have nearly stopped to try it every day.

Then I think about my jeans being a little snug, about how much I really need to go for a run (and definitely not with that on my stomach) and how I really don’t need to spend the $3 on something that will surely be awful.  Then I drive on by.

The next day, I repeat that scenario again.

Am I crazy for being so intrigued by a bacon milkshake?  Has anyone tried it?  Do people actually order these things?  Can I live life never knowing what a bacon milkshake would taste like?

What say you all?  Gross, genius or something that I need to try and report back on?  I mean, if you *need* to know and you *need* me to tell you, I guess I could take one for the team.  Should I do it?

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2 Responses to Bacon Milkshake – Gross or Genius?

  1. You need to try it. I have been looking for one since you posted it.

  2. Oh my goodness – you definitely need to try that!! Go on take one for the team!! Have a great weekend xox ps found you via the paypal giveaway!

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