It’s In The Bag { May Ipsy Beauty Bag Reveal }

I’ve become a bit of a subscription box fan in the past few months.  It started innocently enough with a few friends posting about StitchFix, then I heard about Ipsy.  I’m eagerly awaiting my third StitchFix box and, after finally getting of the wait list, just got my May Ipsy Glam Bag: Beauty’s Fresh Picks.

May Ipsy Glam Bag Review - MamaMommyMomIf you’re not familiar with Ipsy, Ipsy is a month “beauty” subscription service.  You pay $10 / month and for that you receive a cute storage pouch and approximately 5 beauty products in “large sample” sizes and other goodies, all based on information you provide Ipsy regarding you preferences.  I said I’d like beauty tools too, and note the chisel shading brush from my May Ipsy bag.

May Ipsy Glam Bag  - MamaMommyMomMy initial impression was “this is neat”.  It wasn’t dead on – but then again, I’m minimalistic at best when it comes to “beauty” (thus the desire to spice things up a bit for $10 a month).  I was particularly curious about the moisturizer and the face mask from my May Ipsy bag.

Pur-Lisse Moisturizer May Ipsy - MamaMommyMomThe Pur-lisse Pur-Moist moisturizer was a win.  It took far less of this than I thought it would to make my face feel soft, smooth and hydrated.  I have trouble with some moisturizers making my skin feel greasy, but I didn’t have that issue with this brand at all.  I also have somewhat sensitive skin, and this gave me no issues in that department either.  As far as the anti-aging benefits, those are yet to be seen.  It’ll definitely take more than a day or two to fully evaluate how I feel about that aspect of this product, but I plan to order a larger bottle for myself and I’ll be able to fill you in on the anti-aging front in a few weeks.

May Ipsy Hey Honey Face Mask - MamaMommyMomHey Honey, Take It Off!  And, no.  I am not talking to my husband.  I was really, really excited to try this product.  I know honey has lots of health and beauty benefits, so how could it go wrong?  The hardest thing about using this is finding the 20 minutes to relax while the mask dries.  No kissing the babies, no canoodling with the other Honey.  As the mask dries, you can feel your skin tightening up (I love that sensation!) and can only imagine that it must be what Botox feels like.  Also, it smells great… not in a flowery or fake scent sort of way, but in a spa, healthy, healing sort of way.  I can tell, I’m going to have to fight the urge to use this too often.  I loved it.

May Ipsy Hang Ten Sport Sunscreen - MamaMommyMomThis is the one product I have tried yet.  I can’t really give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on it, but as a runner, they did good sending me a “sports” formula.  When I do try it, I’ll be sure to share about it on Facebook.

May Ipsy Chisel Shader Brush - MamaMommyMomMy last two items were this eyeshadow duo from Pacifica and a chisel shader from Crown Brush.  The brush was fab!  I’ve never used a brush to do my eye makeup before, but I was impressed with how much better a job I did with a brush than the little spongy applicators, and the shape of this particular brush made it really easy to be precise with my application.  The brush = total win!

The eyeshadow?  Eh.  Take it or leave it.  It wasn’t very pigmented (read: it took a lot to get minimal results) and I don’t have time in my regular routine to layer it on to get a decent depth.  The colors were nice, and really looked good once I piled them on, but it just took too much product to get the right coverage.  I won’t toss it, but I probably won’t be buying another either.

Overall, my May Ipsy bag was a definite win!  If you look at the cost of the brush alone, I more than got my $10 worth, plus I got to try some really cool products I wouldn’t have otherwise tried in the process.  I’m definitely looking forward to my next bag (not due until mid June 🙁 bummer.) While this review wasn’t sponsored (Ipsy doesn’t have the slightest clue who I am) and I straight out pay for the service on my own, a big plus of Ipsy is being able to earn free full size products by referring your friends (that’s you!), so if you’re interested in checking out the service, I’d love for you to do so through my referral link.

Have you tried any of the subscription box services?  Which are you using and what are the positives/negatives of each?  If you have a referral link, be sure to leave that with your comments too!  I just might be interested in signing up for yet another subscription box!

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6 Responses to It’s In The Bag { May Ipsy Beauty Bag Reveal }

  1. May was my first Ipsy bag too and I’m stoked to try everything in it – I’ve only gotten through a couple so far but hopefully can get through the rest over the weekend. So far I’m very happy with the bag for the price.

  2. Chelsea says:

    I JUST finally got off the Ipsy waitlist the other day. I’m so excited to get my first box!!

  3. jbrobeck says:

    Too bad about the Pacifica shadow, it looks so pretty!

  4. My bag was almost exactly the same. Wish I would have gotten that brush though.

  5. Justina says:

    You got a great bag!

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