Big Book of When {Summer Reading For Kids}

Today’s post is sponsored by Time for Kids and their new book, Time for Kids Big Book of When.  Time for Kids provided us with a free copy of the Big Book of When for review purposes, but no other compensation.  All thoughts and opinions contained herein are those of Mama.Mommy.Mom. and no one else (except maybe my 7 year old.)

Big Book of When - Summer Reading - MamaMommyMomSummer may feel like the time to slack, but studies have proven time and time again that letting your kids completely off the hook can cause some serious setbacks.  How do you keep them engaged and learning through the summer?  Make it fun!  Time for Kids has done just that with their Big Book of When.

First things first, the Big Book of When is broken down into 11 chapters based on topic.  This makes it easy for young readers to jump right to the topics that are interesting to them.  Animals, Communication, Civilizations and Food were our favorites.  My son, who isn’t quite reading yet, will surely be especially interested in transportation and sports.

Summer Reading - Big Book of When - MamaMommyMomThe Big Book of When is full of huge, gorgeous, eye catching photos that will appeal to children and parents alike.  Before we read a single word, we took a few minutes to flip through and look at the beautiful photos.  There was a lot of “What’s this, mom” and “Who is that” to which I simply replied, “Read!”  In the first few minutes we had the book open, we both learned some new things!  Truth be told, I’ve spent the last week reading the whole book (a little at the time) myself!  I love knowing random facts and this book is full of little tidbits that will make me a killer trivia opponent!

Big Book of When - Eqyptian Facts - MamaMommyMomMy daughter was most intrigued by the information on ancient Egypt.  She’s been drawn to all things Egyptian since one of our local museums hosted a mummy exhibit a few years ago.  Did you know that the Egyptians used about 700 different hieroglyphs, and they were doing it around 6,000 years ago?  I was personally drawn to the pictures of clay tablet with cuneiform scripts.

Big Book of When - Microorganisms - MamaMommyMomOne of my favorite aspects of the Big Book of When is that the subjects covered really lend themselves as a spring board to dig farther into the topics that really interest your kids, and extend the learning far beyond the book itself.  For example, the section on When Did Life On Earth Begin covers not only simple creatures (like extremophiles), but where they are/were found.  In this case, Yellowstone National Park is mentioned.  This could easily become a science lesson or a geography lesson!

Hands down, this book is really an amazing buy!  If you tried to buy books on all the different topics covered, not only would you spend a fortune, but you’d probably be wading through piles of books that don’t hit the mark with your kids.  I’d buy the book just for the amazingly awesome pictures!

Check out the Big Book of When here.  Are your kids curious about the “how”s and “when”s of the world?  Do you think this book would interest them (or you?!)

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6 Responses to Big Book of When {Summer Reading For Kids}

  1. amber.m says:

    Oh my goodness, my 6 year old would love this! He’s big into the “why” and “how” stage!

  2. Christina S says:

    This is really neat! My son is 3, so everything is “why?” right now. I love that you can branch off of it in so many directions!

  3. Kendra says:

    Looks like an awesome book!

  4. Ange says:

    This is super cool!

  5. This is such a cool looking book!!!

  6. Such an awesome resource!

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