It’s Here! Bonefish Grill Introduces Their New Menu! {Review & Giveaway} #HelloNewMenu

Bonefish Grill has made some changes to their menu, and let me tell you, change is GOOD!  Our local Bonefish Grill location had a group of area bloggers over last night to experience some of their new menu items (complimentary) and there are so many delicious dishes I want to share with you.  Say hello to the new Bonefish Grill menu and stick around through the end of the post for a giveaway!

Bonefish Grill New Menu Review #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomFirst of all, don’t worry… Bonefish Grill did not get rid of the Bang Bang Shrimp.  Now that Bang Bang Shrimp lovers everywhere can breath easy, let me tell you about what’s new on the menu.  With over 20 new items spanning every category from drinks to desserts, you’re going to have some difficult choices to make.

NY Strip Tataki - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomLet’s start with the appetizers.  There are four new appetizers on the menu: Bang Bang Shrimp Flatbread, Twisted Edamame Hummus, NY Strip Tataki and Cold Snap Fresh Ceviche.  They all sound amazing, but we ended up trying the NY Strip Tataki and the Cold Snap Fresh Ceviche.  To die for!  The NY Strip Tataki could easily be an entree.  It was amazingly tender and flavorful, with just the right amount of seasonings.  The Cold Snap Ceviche was fresh, crisp and served in an ice glass!  It’s the perfect “light bite” to share.

Watermelon Salad - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomThere are two new salads on the menu at Bonefish Grill.  First is a Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad and the second is a Watermelon Salad.  We tried the Watermelon Salad, along with the Classic Caesar and a Bonefish House Salad.  For the Watermelon Salad, the peppery bite from the Arugula and the salty bite of the Feta couldn’t be a better pair for the juicy, sweet taste of ripe watermelon.  There are no heavy dressings on this salad, so this is another menu item that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomThere’s only one new item on the “Handhelds” section of the menu, but it’s a showstopper.  Are you ready for it?  Lobster Grilled Cheese, and it’s served with Lobster Bisque!  Of all the things we tried on the new menu at Bonefish Grill, I think I was most impressed with the Lobster Grilled Cheese.  It was amazing and I’m not sure that there are any words I can use that will do it justice.  Huge chucks of lobster in both the sandwich and the soup, a delicious buttery bread and the cheese… of the cheese!  It was so good!

Ribeye with Bearnaise Sauce - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomOn the “Wood-Grilled” section of the menu, there are few new items to choose from.  There’s the Ahi Tuna Steak, Ribeyes with a choice of amazing sauces (like Bearnaise), and a killer Kona Crusted Ribeye.  We were lucky enough to try the Ribeye with Bearnaise sauce and the Kona Crusted Ribeye.  They were both delicious, but that Kona Crusted Ribeye was melt-on-your-mouth delicious.  It will be high on my list of “top picks” as far as Bonefish Grill entrees go.

Spicy Tuna Bowl - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomBonefish Grill has added a new selection of “Bowls” to the menu as well.  With four varieties to choose from, it’s easy to find something to please everyone.  Spicy Tuna, Seared NY Strip. Shrimp Pad Thai  and Fire Roasted Vegetables cover quite a range in just four little (really, they’re pretty big) bowls.  While I could have easily been convinced to try all four, we ended up only trying the Spicy Tuna Bowl.  I am a huge tuna fan, so I was really excited for this particular dish.  It did not disappoint.  The tuna was perfect and the rice and avocado were the perfect accompaniment.  The spicy mango sauce on the side was killer, in a good way!  I think I could dip just about anything in that sauce.

Crisp Cucumber Cosmo - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomWe tried a few new things from the bar too…  First, we sampled a delicious red blend by Charles & Charles.  It was surprisingly light for a red, with no trace of bitterness at all.  It would definitely be a great choice with any of the dishes at Bonefish Grill, but particularly the ribeyes.  There are 4 new martinis on the menu as well: Cold Snap Cucumber Cosmo, Fresh Raspberry Martini, Fresh Pineapple Martini and Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini.  I tried the Cold Snap Cucumber Cosmo, which was served in a super cool ice glass (how could I not order that?) and the Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini.  Both were delicious, but the Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini was my favorite.  Plus, Bonefish Grill donates $1 from the sale of each Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini to the Ocean Trust.

Banana Split Flatbread - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomSaving the best for last?  Maybe.  If you’re a fan of desserts, Bonefish has added two that I think are pretty darn phenomenal.  First, there’s the Banana Split Flatbread.  It’s the lighter of the two new desserts, though certainly not lacking in flavor.  It’s all the classic tastes you love from a banana split, layer on a crispy flatbread.  If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, perhaps with some chocolate, then look no further than the S’mores Flatbread.  As a huge fan of S’mores, I approve!  With chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs, it would be hard to go wrong with this decadent dessert.

S'mores Flatbread - Bonefish Grill #HelloNewMenu - MamaMommyMomI hope you see a few (or a lot!) of things on the new Bonefish Grill menu that you’d like to try.  To make it a bit easier on your wallet, we’re going to giveaway a $25 Bonefish Grill Gift Card.  Entering is easy… just leave a comment telling me what new menu item you’d like to try!  We’ll leave the giveaway open until 12:01 AM August 15th.  That gives you a week to enter!

So, what do YOU want to try on the new menu?

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59 Responses to It’s Here! Bonefish Grill Introduces Their New Menu! {Review & Giveaway} #HelloNewMenu

  1. amber.m says:

    Oh man, everything sounds good!

  2. First of all, we LOVE Bonefish. The bang bang shrimp – LOVE, of course and the Sashimi Tuna is my Husband’s all time fave (he even called when he heard their menu was changing to make sure they would still have it – lol) but I am loving these new menu items. Cannot wait to try that NY Strip Tataki!! Thanks for the review!

  3. Kathe Burke says:

    Top of my list to try are, the ceviche, the kona crusted rib eye, the lobster grilled cheese and the s’mores flatbread! Now I’m full lol!

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    The Bang Bang Shrimp® Tacos sound yummy!

  5. Amber says:

    The watermelon salad sounds and looks amazing! Great pics, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Lindsey says:

    The ribeye sounds delish. The flatbread s’mores dessert looks wonderful too.

  7. Looks amazing! I wish we didn’t live in Nowhere, NY. 🙁

  8. Chelsea says:

    Holy cow. All of this looks SO GOOD. I wish there was one of these here!!

  9. Love Bonefish Grill. Didn’t know they had new items. We’ll have to pop by.

  10. Timmy says:

    The tuna bowl for sure!! looks so yummy. Also want to try the lobster grilled cheese on a cheat day 🙂

  11. Kendra says:

    My husband would LOVE this place! He never can get enough seafood.

  12. Mami2jcn says:

    I’d like to try the ribeye steak.

  13. Marti Tabora says:

    I would love to try the S’mores Flatbread, it sounds really good. Thank you for the chance.

  14. Jessie C. says:

    I would like to try bang bang shrimp flatbread.

  15. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I want to try the Ahi Tuna Steak!

  16. Thomas Murphy says:

    I want to try the Kona Crusted Ribeye.

  17. Kate K says:

    Oh by far I dream of the lobster grilled cheese and lobster bisque! I could eat it every day!

  18. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I’d love to try the Spicy Tuna, Seared NY Strip. Shrimp Pad Thai! it sounds great!

  19. Samantha says:

    The new menu looks delicious. I’d love to try the Spicy Tuna Bowl….looks fresh and tasty.

  20. Those desserts are calling my name!

  21. Breenah says:

    I’d love to try that Ahi tuna! I see it every time the commercial comes on and my mouth just waters!

  22. Cristi Comes says:

    Ooh too many choices! The spicy tuna bowl, the ceviche, the watermelon salad…there are lots of new things I’d like to try!

  23. Summer says:

    Oh yum! Everything looks delicious!

  24. Wendy M says:

    Banana split flatbread sounds amazing!

  25. Can’t wait to try the ribeye it sounds so delicious from everyone’s accounts!!

  26. bianca roman says:

    i would love to try the lobster grilled cheese! it kinda sounds amazing!

  27. Megan h says:

    I have never eaten here so it all looks amazing and I would try it all if I could but the lobster grilled cheese sounds amazing!

  28. Carissa says:

    The fish tacos REALLY stand out to me, but I have to admit that was the first ever ‘manly’ steak I’ve ever had that was so good I would suggest the girliest of girls try it.. the Bearnaise sauce was truly divine! 🙂

  29. Ange says:

    Well, this sure puts the hardboiled eggs I had for lunch to shame! Everything looks so good!

  30. Jennai says:

    I want to try the Sea Scallops & Shrimp

  31. Karen M says:

    Those s’mores sound amazing!

  32. kendall says:

    Oh my goodness! That all looks SOO amazing! Seriously!

  33. Sara says:

    Tuna! Yes Please!

  34. The lobster grilled cheese.

    Ehem … because even *I* might have to try that!

  35. Gina M says:

    I would love to try the bang bang shrimp flatbread.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  36. Janet in nc says:

    You had me at lobster grilled cheese!

  37. The watermelon salad with arugula and feta sounds like a wonderful treat. Would love to try that.

  38. Kristin C. says:

    I’d love to try that watermelon salad and Kona crusted ribeye!

  39. Sarah Seales says:

    Definitely the bang bang shrimp and s’mores flatbread! Yum!!

  40. Whitney says:

    The Kona Crusted Ribeye sounds delicious! I’d love to try that one.

  41. That lobster grilled cheese.. oh MY! So sad I missed it! We need to plan another night out so I can join you this time!

  42. amanda whitley says:

    i would like to try the Rib-Eye Steak

  43. the s’mores flatbread!

  44. Paula Morgan says:

    I love the bang-bang shrimp — on the toasts it sounds fantastic! Will try that. Also the lobster grilled cheese. This is one of my favorite restaurants (and thankfully, close to my house). Thanks for having this contest.

  45. I would love to try the Bang Bang Shrimp Flatbread. It looks so delicious.

  46. Kelly D says:

    I would like to try the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad.

  47. KV says:

    I’d like to try the watermelon salad.

  48. laura casino says:

    The tuna dish looks amazing!!!!!!

  49. Sara Sharp says:

    The Ahi Tuna Steak looks om nom nom!

  50. latanya says:

    the bang bang shrimp tacos

  51. Nancy says:

    First I’d try their new Rib Eye Steak! It looks fabulous!

  52. Cathy French says:

    I want to try the bang bang shrimp.

  53. Kelley Roach says:

    the Bang Bang Shrimp® Taco

  54. Susan Christy says:

    Ooooh – the Kona Crusted Ribeye sounds perfect!

  55. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says:

    Love to try the bang bang shrimp

  56. Amber B says:

    I would love to try the Ribeye with Bearnaise . I am a huge seafood fan so I may change my mind once I got to the restaurant but it just sounds so delicious after looking at your pictures.

  57. heather kaufman says:

    The S’mores Flatbread sounds yummy!

  58. Pat Adkins says:

    Except discounts from people IPHONE in stead of brnging in a copy of discount. Thank yo

  59. Pat Adkins says:

    Except people discount on Bonefish meals from a persons IPHONE instead of having t bring in a printed copy. all other resturants do. Thank you, Pat Adkins

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