We’ve Grown By Four Paws {Introducing Fenway!}

I’ve been dying to add a running buddy to our already full house.  The opportunity to add to our family presented itself a few weeks ago, and after working through a few details, we’ve finally brought home my new running buddy and the newest arch nemesis of Kitty Kitty…  Introducing, Fenway!

Border Collie - Fenway

Why A Border Collie?

I decided a while back, after spending a fair amount of time around the breed, that a Border Collie was what I wanted when and if we added 4 more paws to our family.  BCs are an incredibly intelligent breed and very eager to please.  They develop strong bonds with their families and make excellent companion dogs, as long as you lead an active lifestyle.  Knowing that I ultimately wanted a running buddy made the breed’s activity level exactly what I wanted.  As far as size goes, I wanted something larger than our first two furbabies (Toy Poodles) and something a little more sturdy for the kids without getting a massively large breed.

Hubs had decided a few months ago that I could look into puppies.  I had actually already found a litter due in August (and from a breeding source I had faith in) and was in the process of getting the parents info when fate decided to toss me a curve ball and the opportunity to adopt Fenway fell in my lap.

Fenway Border CollieFenway’s Story

Fenway’s life isn’t a sad story.  He’s really had quite a good life.  He came from a home where he was loved, well taken care of and was happy, happy boy.  In fact, his owner literally cried when she handed him off to me.  It was clear that she loved him very much and wanted to make sure he was happy and content with his life, and as hers had gotten more complicated, Fenway just didn’t get what she felt like he needed anymore.  Deciding to rehome him was a tough decision for her and her boys, but she felt like it was for the best and her boys agreed.

Border Collie Car RiderSo, how did I end up with Fenway?

Those Border Collies Ive been hanging out with… the ones that made me realize I wanted a BC as my next furbaby?  As it turns out, Fenway is family.  Literally… as in, Fenway is offspring of the male, grandson to one of the females and brother to the other female.  When their Human heard Fenway needed a new home, he immediately asked me if I would be interested in being Fenway’s new mom!

Of course I was interested, but there was much more that had to happen before Fenway came home with me.  I communicated extensively with Fenway’s owner, had an in person visit, she checked me out through references and there was some convos to be had between me and the hubs.  In the end, it took almost a month to settle everything, but Fenway came home to his new home earlier this week.

Border Collie Play BallHe’s a little drooly and a whole lotta active, but he’s already fitting in here amazingly and the kids and I are in love.  Hubby, well, he’s still a work in progress but Fenway is growing on him by the minute.

Check out this super cute video I posted on Instagram of Fenway playing ball with his dad and sister today…  Isn’t he awesome?!  (Helpful tip: Fenway and his dad look A LOT a like!  Fenway is the one with the most white.)

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3 Responses to We’ve Grown By Four Paws {Introducing Fenway!}

  1. Kate K says:

    Aww congrats on the new addition! When I was in HS we had a Border Collie and she was the sweetest dog! So happy that you were able to adopt Fenway. Love the name too (I’m a big Boston fan, except when they play the Yankees!)

  2. Congratulations on your new addition!!! He’s a beauty! I’ve been seeing the sweet cuddles on instagram and it seems like he fit right into your family! We are talking about getting a puppy around Christmas time for our family, I’ll be asking you for advice soon.

  3. katherine says:

    We just got a new puppy too

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