I Bought My Kids A Death Trap {Or At Minimum, A Trip To The ER}

I made a promise to my daughter over a year ago… Let me take down and sell the play structure out back and I will replace it with a death trap (aka – a trampoline).  She’s called me on my lack of follow through several times, and with today being the last day of school and the “I’m bored!”s already in full swing, my ability to dodge her relentless request has faltered.  I ordered the death trap.  It is set to arrive today.

photo(14)I have always loved jumping on trampolines.  Since having kids, it’s not quite a fun as it used to be, but I’ll still get on one just about anytime the chance arises.  I also spent most of my childhood with at least one friend in a cast of some sort at any given time.  Broken arms, broken ankles, fractured wrists… all the results of a little rough housing on the trampoline.  We didn’t have those crazy net/cage things like you can buy now.  No, we spent our afternoons trying our best to bounce each other off the things and out into the yard.  For us, it wasn’t a death trap, but rather an instant rush.

Fast forward to my parenting days, and all I see when I look at a trampoline (at least where my kids are involved) is a trip to the ER for potential broken bones or head trauma.  Needless to say, our trampoline – when it lands tomorrow – will be complete with a net.  A very, very strong net.  As rough as my kids can be on solid ground, I think a netless trampoline would send us to the hospital within a day.  The netted version may still as well.  My kids could turn a padded room into a death trap.  I’m pretty sure the net will simply add to the cage fighting aspect of their relationship.  Perhaps I could rent it out to the other parents in our neighborhood.

What’s your take on trampolines?  Are they a safety concern for you or not?  Do your kids have one?  I hope my kids make some amazing memories on their new death trap, that’s assuming they leave me alone long enough to assemble it.

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11 Responses to I Bought My Kids A Death Trap {Or At Minimum, A Trip To The ER}

  1. Laura says:

    I had one when I was a kid and loved it so much. Yes injuries are possible but then again they could fall out of a tree. If we have the space in our next house I hope to get one.

  2. Whitney says:

    We have one of the little ones with a hand rail. I thought it would be a great way to get energy out, but they just push each other off or try to all jump at the same time. At least with a big one everyone can jump at the same time. We’d definitely have to get a net too.

  3. Oh, we don’t have one and they scare me so much, LOL!

  4. i love trampolines. i had one as a kid and it was the best! i do love that they have nets now though.

  5. Carly says:

    I had one growing up…..loved it!!!

  6. Thankfully neither of my kids are fans of trampolines. Some many toys and things that I played with as a child seem so dangerous now that I’m a mom. I often find myself wondering how my mom didn’t have panic attack. I was quite the dare devil too.

  7. katherine says:

    We got one and my daughter broke her ankle on it.

  8. Too funny!! We are debating on whether to do a playset or trampoline for the next house, wondering if our girls will outgrow the playset quickly because they’re getting older. A friend of ours had a trampoline without a net and I freaked out internally, but no one knew. My only qualm with a trampoline is that it will raise our homeowners insurance. Other than that we’re still debating, can’t wait to see how your kiddos (and you love it).

  9. Laura says:

    We had a net on ours because we had little ones running around. Sadly though, after years, it broke down and we had to trash it….

  10. I think everything can be harmful.. kids are kids. If they aren’t going to get hurt jumping on a trampoline, they will doing something else! As long as you’re keeping an eye on them and monitoring them while using it, I think it’s fun.. we’ve been shopping for one for our kiddos for a while now!

  11. Can’t wait to my girl’s are big enough to get a trampoline! I have great childhood memories of jumping on one!

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