Boys Will Be Boys

I wish I had my wits about me enough this morning to take a picture of what I came down stairs to find waiting for me.
Little Man has definitely embraced the Terrible Twos.  In a bad, bad way.  The temper tantrums are bad enough, but the deviance…the deviance is well beyond anything we ever dealt with during The Girl’s progress through the 2s, 3s, and 4s.  You literally can not turn your back on him.  This makes showering especially interesting.  I’m basically a captive for 10 minutes.  What can Little Man accomplish in 10 minutes you ask?
5 packages of Post-It Flags – distributed over random surfaces
2 Pads of Post-It Notes – same fate as the flags
Approximately 200 business cards – scattered across my desk and through the family room
At least a half dozen new short-cuts on my desktop
1 mostly full bottle of hand soap – distributed between the kitchen window, sink and counter top
The dogs’ water bowl – emptied into the powder room floor
The dogs’ food bowl – refilled with food (Really?!  You took a break to feed the dogs?)
The dogs’ food – Not only did he refill their bowl, but he also put a few cups into the powder room sink
Seriously, I kid you not.  All in 10 minutes.  And very, very quietly.
When I came downstairs and found him, he looked right at me – before I even got the first word out of my mouth – and said ‘sorry mommy’ and sat in the middle of the family room floor, effectively putting himself in time-out.
On the upside, the kitchen sink, kitchen counter top, powder room sink and powder room floor have all been thoroughly cleaned this morning.
What trouble have your little ones caused when left to their own devices?  Tell me that I’m not alone…

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3 Responses to Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Joy says:

    I’m sure I shouldn’t laugh at this, but I just know one day when my husband and I have children… this will be my child. On the positive side, it is FRIDAY! =) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, geez. I would have totally lost my cool. I am quite sure. Dang. What a mess! :>

  3. you are not giving me much to look forward to when my boy hits 2 but they sure are cute and entertaining lol

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