Breakfast Burritos featuring Turkey Smoked Sausage!

When I read posts from Marguerite’s blog, I become Pavlov’s dog.  Last week she posted this beautiful breakfast casserole and I immediately Pinned it on Pinterest.  I knew this would be breakfast for at least one day when my girls and I go on our yearly beach trip.  But, it’s not trip time just yet (not to be confused with family vacation – which is in 3 days!)  In the mean time, I decided to scratch my itch with a breakfast burrito.

This was a ‘garbage can’ mixture of sorts – just what I had available.  We almost always have a turkey smoked sausage in the fridge.  It keeps for a good while, is low in fat and cooks up quick.  It’s also extremely versatile.

I had onions and a green pepper on hand for the stir-fry you’ll be seeing tomorrow (hopefully) so I decided to throw some of that in too.  One thing I’ve taken from my long abandoned obsession with Rachel Ray is ‘chop it once’.  I knew I’d be using the remainder of the onion and peppers, so while I was cutting I went ahead and prepped/store the peppers and onions for the stir-fry.

I’ve been obsessed with real, salted butter lately.  Like, ‘looking for a reason to use butter’ obsessed.  I’m about || this close to just eating it plain.  So, obviously I used butter in the pan.  You could totally use cooking spray or olive oil.  But the butter… Mmmm.

 Only because I wanted it to look pretty for y’all (I’m from the south.  That’s a real word.), I pulled out the veggies and cooked the eggs alone.  If I’d been making it for me, I’d have just poured the eggs right over the veggies and meat, scrambling it as it cooked.

I try to keep wraps in the house.  The kids like them, they can be used so many ways, and worse case scenario I always have cheese and can make quesadilla at the drop of a hat.
I could have added cheese or some Cheyenne pepper for spice, but I wanted to taste the butter.  I know.  Ridiculous.  Next week it might be all about the cheese.
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