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Yoplait Mix-Ins Mix It Up
Summer may not be over yet, but it certainly feels like it’s flown by!  We’ve been all over the place, from Michigan to North Carolina, St. Louis and back again.  We’ve added to our family (a hedgehog named Louie), we’ve camped, we’ve been to the beach, we’ve been to museums, zoos and aquariums.  We’ve done all the things.  We’ve also worked, a lot.  Of all the different venues, activities and time zones, the one constant… someone is always hungry!

On The Go With Yoplait Mix-Ins
We are admittedly not the best planners.  We don’t always know exactly where we’re going when we leave the house, or even how long we’ll be there.  One thing we never do is leave without snacks.  Have cooler, will travel.  You could call that our summer slogan!  We always have water, fruits and veggies and most often Yoplait Mix-Ins (available at Walmart).  Yoplait Mix-Ins come in a variety of flavors, making them an “easy to please everyone” snack time solution.

Swimming in Lake Michigan
One of our favorite stops this summer was Lake Michigan.  We were still trying to get moved into our house last summer and didn’t get out to enjoy as many of Michigan’s hot spots as we would’ve like to.  One of the first requests I heard this summer was “beach!”.  My son’s plan for the day was swim, play in the sand and eat Yoplait Mix-Ins Mint Chocolate Delight.  Rinse and repeat.

Be Free with Yoplait Mix-Ins
My daughter, much like her mama, is a sucker for the Salted Caramel Pretzel flavor.  It’s the perfect late night snack, whether you’re enjoying it on your couch or by a camp fire.  It’s covers the sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy cravings.  All of the Yoplait Mix-In flavors, available at your local Walmart, are delicious and truly portable.

Camp Fire
When we weren’t snuggled up around a camp fire or off frolicking in the surf, I was huddled up in my office and the kids were off at summer camp.  Several times a week, both enjoyed Yoplait Mix-Ins as a part of their lunch.  We kept several flavors in the fridge, allowing each kiddo to chose whichever flavor tickled their fancy. I practically have to drag them away from the yogurt aisle at Walmart every time we go shopping.

Yoplait Mix-Ins at Work
My colleagues are no stranger to Yoplait Mix-Ins.  They’ve been seeing Cherry Chocolate Almond and Key Lime Crunch in the break room fridge for a while.  Long after summer ends, I’ll still be mixing it up with Yoplait Mix-Ins.

Snacking on Yoplait Mix-Ins Coconut Chocolate
On the beach, on the couch or in the office, Yoplait Mix-Ins are the perfect portable snack!  There are six great flavors to choose from:

Very Berry Crisp // Mint Chocolate Delight // Salted Caramel Pretzel //Key Lime Crunch // Coconut Chocolate Almond // Cherry Chocolate Almond

All of these delicious flavors are available at Walmart in the yogurt section.  Check them out, then tell me where you’ll mix it up this summer.

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9 Responses to Busy Summer, Easy Snacking – Yoplait Mix-Ins

  1. Doria says:

    These look so good! I’m always looking for new on-the-go, healthy snacks for my husband and kiddos. I’m gonna look for these!

  2. Bonny says:

    I got some of the pretzel kind earlier today. It’ll be good for my long work day tomorrow since my boss is going to be gone & I’m in charge 😛 (who thought that was a good idea?!? lol)

  3. Kendr says:

    These look delicious! Love yogurt for breakfast

  4. The Very Bery Crisp one is soooo good!

  5. I totally want to try the salted caramel pretzel & the chocolate coconut almond one! 🙂 Yum!

  6. Bree says:

    I’m not really a fan of yogurt, but these sound delicious. I may have to give them a shot. And, I know my husband and son would LOVE them!

  7. I love yogurt with lots of toppings, so I’ll definitely be buying these the next time I’m at Walmart!

  8. Jessica Scull says:

    These are sooo yummy!

  9. The salted caramel pretzel looks awesome! I will have to try these next time I’m at the store.

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