What Can You Get for $1? {Dollar Tree Deals} #shop

What Can You Get For $1

This post is sponsored by Dollar Tree.  I <3 them and shop there often.  They have some awesome stuff.  The opinions of their store shared here are mine and mine alone.  And, of course, if you comment – you can share your opinions of their store too!

Dollar Tree #ShopFrugal Doesn’t Mean Cheap

I consider myself to be frugal in most aspects of my life.  I coupon, though not in the ‘extreme’ couponer sort of way.  You won’t find a stockpile of anything at my house outside of small toy parts and craft supplies.  There are still certain things I won’t skimp on (Cottonelle Bath Tissue) and some that will always be a splurge (Starbucks, jeans from GAP).  I cut costs in places I can to fund the expenditures that are “worth it” or “necessary” to me.  I sale shop, I make my own laundry detergent, I participate in store rewards programs to earn free stuff and discounts (like Target Pharmacy Rewards and Swagbucks) and I shop at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Huge Store #ShopA Smorgasbord of Savings

My Dollar Tree is packed with SO.MUCH.STUFF.  It’s not packed in a “I can’t move around” sort of way – I have no problem navigating the store with a shopping cart, even with my children in tow – but the amount of variety is unbeatable.  With many of the items Dollar Tree carries being on the small side, it really allows them the space to carry a wide range of products and a decent stock of what they do carry.  If you need 5 or 6 of something, you generally don’t have to worry about whether they will have enough or not.  With everything being $1, it’s easy to keep up with what you’re spending as you move through the store, thus making it easy to stay on budget!

Dollar Tree Valentines Day #ShopHome for the Holidays

Like all of the bigger, more expensive stores, Dollar Tree always has your holiday essentials ready and waiting.  From party supplies, to decor, to cards – anything you need for Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday) is ripe for the picking… and only $1!  Why would you spend $5 for a pack of Valentine’s cards for your kid’s class when you can get them for $1.  Say you have 3 kids who need class Valentines… Doesn’t $3 sound SO much better than $15?

Dollar Tree Summer Essentials #shopGarden Party

With winter’s grip just really starting to tighten on us, I am yearning for Spring!  Sadly, we’ve got a way to go.  I’m already working on my plan of attack for our yard though.  Sprucing up on those warm Spring days is always something I look forward to, and Dollar Tree has me covered on tools for working in the yard, plus decor to add little pops of color.  For now, I’ve settled on trying to force some Impatiens in my kitchen window.  The cute little watering can I found will make the perfect pot.  If all goes well, I’ll be able to plant these in the yard once we have our last frost of the Winter.

Dollar Tree Kitchen Basics #ShopMoving?

Maybe you’re moving out of your parents house or maybe you’re finally ditching the roommates and getting your own place?  Maybe you just want new stuff.  You can’t beat $1 per piece for a new dinner ware set or coffee mugs (can you ever have enough?)  Need to line your cabinet shelves?  The same stuff will run you closer to $5 a roll at those other stores.  We love to use shelf liner in our crafting projects.  We used it as wallpaper in our American Girl rooms.  It worked great!

Dollar Tree Kitchen Basics #ShopBrands You Love

You should never make assumptions… you know what they say.  Just because everything at Dollar Tree is $1 doesn’t mean you can’t get the brands you love.  Colgate, Blistex, Halls, Ricola… those are just a few of the brand name items you’ll find as you stroll the aisles.  I’ve found that I can get most of our toiletry items for FAR less than I can at bigger stores, even with coupons.  As frugal as I try to be on most things, I will never sacrifice quality for price.  I love that I don’t have to do that here.

Dollar Tree Home Office #ShopSupplies That Work

If you’ve done back to school shopping at any point in the past, you know how outrageously priced some office supplies are.  I have a child who’s just as addicted to them as her mama is, so I can’t be spending $6 or $7 for a pack of pens or $4 for a notebook.  She goes through tape like it’s some sort of sugar laden candy (but boy, her arts and crafts can melt my heart.)  It’s important to me to be able to give her the supplies she needs to harness her creative talent without taking out a second mortgage.  Being able to turn her loose on the office supply aisle and not having to worry about how much the things she wants will cost me is priceless.  Literally.  Knowing that everything is only $1 gives me the freedom to let her shop.  We’ve found lots of great learning tools in their “teachers” section and my husband can stock up on notebooks and pens for a fraction of what we’d spend elsewhere.

Dollar Tree Style #ShopBeauty & Fashion

Dollar Tree carries far more than just stuff for your home and office.  They really do have a little bit of everything.  My daughter has been competing in pageants for almost a year now.  Her hair is always an issue for us.  When I was a kid, we used the foam rollers in my hair all the time.  When we found packs of 10 for $1, I knew we had to at least try them and see what the results were.  Once we have them down, I’ll share a picture on our Facebook page.  Dollar Tree has a good size selection of cosmetics (eye shadows, nail polish and such) as well.  We’ve had plenty of fun with $1 eyeliner in the past.

Dollar Tree Storage Solutions #ShopEverything In Its Place

With new crafting hobbies comes the need for a way to keep it all organized.  Dollar Tree has a whole section of organizational type bins and baskets that work great.  I found this little bin and decided it would be perfect for organizing some of my knitting goodies.  Before the bin came home, everything was just sort of thrown in a bag and was left sitting on the floor by the couch.  This looks much better!  I routinely shop for organizational tools at Dollar Tree.  Every year before we head out for vacation, I spend a few hours picking up bins, baskets and laundry solutions for our trip.  The $1 laundry bags work great for keeping our sandy and dirty clothes separate from the stuff we pack but don’t wear, and handled plastic baskets are just what we need for carrying shower and bath essentials down to the outdoor shower (for post beach play cleanups.)

Cat Toys Dollar Tree #ShopSomething For Everyone

We kind of, sort of have a “new” family member.  If Kitty-Kitty is going to be spending time inside, he needs something to entertain him.  Using the carpet on my stairs as something to claw at isn’t working out well for either of us.  We picked up this little pack of kitty toys and he seems to approve.  My kids love to pick up special little treats for the animals (if you’re a regular reader, you already know that we have 2 dogs too.)  At $1, I can approve – even if I know that our dogs are old and could care less about playing – they just want to sleep.

Dollar Tree Fans?

Are you a fan of Dollar Tree?  You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest.  Do you shop with them?  Share your Dollar Tree experiences with us!  Have a great craft or fun project you’ve completed with supplies from Dollar Tree?  Leave me a link in your comments or share it on our Facebook page.  We’ve got some fun spring crafts coming your way using Dollar Tree finds and we’d love to see your creations too!

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11 Responses to What Can You Get for $1? {Dollar Tree Deals} #shop

  1. Summer says:

    I love going to the Dollar Tree – there is always so much my family will use that is cheaper then getting it at another store – love all your examples!

  2. I love Dollar Tree! They have so much great stuff! This reminds me I need to go there and get some stuff! 😉

  3. Kendra says:

    I’m definitely a fan of the dollar store. Some of them even take coupons! I made these heart crayons with items from the dollar store: http://simplydarrling.com/2014/01/diy-heart-crayons-perfect-fo-valentines-day-gifts/ which are going to become Valentine’s Day gifts for my mom’s classroom.

  4. Chelsea says:

    They really do have some of the best stuff, don’t they? I love all the Valentines goodies!

  5. Ange says:

    I love Dollar Tree, we’re always there for crafts and kitchen stuff!

  6. Dollar Tree is truly one of my favorite places!

  7. Paige says:

    I love the dollar tree! I always check there first whenever I’m decorating for a holiday! I actually like to go shop there and just look around too! lol

  8. Melissa says:

    I love the dollar tree. There are so many great things you can get there. I especially love their seasonal, party supplies, cards and small kids items like color books etc.

  9. I LOVE Dollar Tree and as much as I loved them before, I loved them even more once I found out that select stores carry e.l.f. cosmetics items!

  10. Carly says:

    That valentine’s day stuff is SO cute!

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