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10 Years ago Today!

It’s December 7th and ten years ago today I was half way thru the 2 hour drive with my 3 year old daughter in the car when I got the call.  My mother who was 69 years old and was … Continue reading

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Going To The Chapel…

Life has been busy and I have missed you all!  (This is MommaJuli, by the way…) But life has been busy for good cause.  I found a new job to add to my repertory a few weeks earlier than planned.  … Continue reading

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What is Sprouting in your Kitchen?

Hopefully not MOLD. So for the first several months of this year I was meeting with a health coach to help me get my health in order.  This included how I ate, how I handled stress, how I exercised and … Continue reading

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Divorce and Disagreements

Divorce changes everything. When you get married, besides the simple fact you love this other person, you have hopefully chosen someone who has the same ideals, beliefs and wants in life as you.  You make decisions together all along the … Continue reading

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To pierce or not to pierce?

So my baby girl turned 13 in June and I now have a teenager.  What did she want for her birthday?  Her belly button pierced.  “Uh, NOOOOOOOOO” She informed me she had polled all her aunts, uncles, father and several … Continue reading

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The Ride of a Lifetime – Richard Petty Junior Ride Along Experience {Sponsored}

The opportunity to participate in a ride along with the Richard Petty Junior Ride Along Experience was provided to Mama.Mommy.Mom. free of cost.  All thoughts and opinions are our own and are in no way influenced by the sponsor.  Buckle … Continue reading

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“Wishing on Willows” #bookreview {Sponsored by Waterbrook Multnomah}

A special thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for providing us a copy of “Wishing on Willows”. When asked if I would be interested in reading a Christian romance novel, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into… but … Continue reading

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Some days the roles get reversed!

My daughter was obsessed with the Cup Song!  If you have tweener/teenage girls you may know what I am talking about.  The banging goes on and on until they get it right.  It echoes thru the entire house. Where did it … Continue reading

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DIY Personal Care {Sharing My Recipes}

Recently I wrote a blog about some of the DIY Personal Care products I use.  Someone asked for the recipes so I am sharing some of them here.  There are soooo many different recipes for these items and you may … Continue reading

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Mission: Motherhood without Coming Unglued

Sometime I just don’t know what I am supposed to do and how I should handle being a mom. I want to be the mom who is always there for my daughter and takes care of  her needs.  I want … Continue reading

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