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Making Musical Memories {A Promise Redeemed}

Like it? Share it!Pinterest11Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble1More12There is something about music that speaks to us. Music can influence a mood or help us relive a memory. For me, there are songs that instantly transport me back to a time and a place – … Continue reading

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A Taste of Spain {Sponsored by Dole}

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook1Yummly0TwitterStumble0More1This post is sponsored by Dole.  No compensation was received, just the goodies to host the Taste of Spain party.  All thoughts and opinions are our own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. When … Continue reading

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Backseat Parenting – Grandparent Style

Like it? Share it!Pinterest3Facebook2Yummly0TwitterStumble1More6I have become the victim of backseat parenting. Or, should I say, I’ve been become a victim of grandparenting. Almost a year ago, my parents (and my grandmother) moved from Louisiana to a lovely house about 3 … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Doing Nothing

Like it? Share it!Pinterest1Facebook1Yummly0TwitterStumble1More3I had a mommy-friend call me up the other week, asking for advice about how to deal with her son’s behavior. “Jake” (as I will call him) is friends with both of my boys. He is a … Continue reading

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The Mother of Sons: Having Boys Doesn’t Mean No Worries

Like it? Share it!Pinterest12Facebook3Yummly0TwitterStumble0More15When I found out I was pregnant with my younger son, I remember being told by quite a few people how lucky I was to have two sons, “Because boys are easier to raise than girls.” I … Continue reading

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Dining Out with My Kids? Better Bring the Meds.

Like it? Share it!Pinterest7Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More7The other day, I was perusing my favorite news sites and came across the story of a restaurant that gave a family a $4 discount on their meal for having “Well Behaved Kids.” Predictably, the comments section … Continue reading

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A Boy, His Mohawk and a Lesson on Being Different

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook8Yummly0TwitterStumble1More9Ever since I first let my husband take Older Boy to get his haircut without my supervision, my darling husband has been encouraging Older Boy to get a Mohawk. The vision of my firstborn sporting a Mohawk … Continue reading

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Consumerism, Our Kids and the Damage We Do

Like it? Share it!Pinterest7Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble1More8My kids had been hard at work compiling their Christmas lists. Older Boy, who is 5, had a long list this year, with items ranging from Skylanders Giants to a Rip Rider. Younger Boy, who is 3, … Continue reading

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The Doctor is In! Please Welcome…

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  (There’s that ‘we’ again…) It’s been a crazy few days here – it always is this time of year – and I don’t know about you, but I am seriously … Continue reading

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Big News for the New Year!

Like it? Share it!Pinterest0Facebook0Yummly0TwitterStumble0More0I’m just giddy about some news I have to share with you guys today! We’re expecting! But not a baby 😉  New blood, fresh faces… Just over three years ago, I started this little ol’ blog as … Continue reading

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