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Seeing Endless Possibilities In Every Day

Life is so different when you’re a kid.  We were sitting on wooden bleachers at a race track a few months ago, watching the cars make passes and chatting, and my little guy got a bit gruff suddenly.  Thinking we … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Posts of 2015

With another year in the books, it’s time for my annual wrap up of the most popular posts from 2015.  You guys clearly enjoy recipes, especially cocktails, and can appreciate a good stand on parenting.  While I have no idea … Continue reading

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Keeping Holiday Traditions, Even As Circumstances Change

Before you read… this post includes a giveaway for $10 in Paypal Cash!  Leave a comment below and I’ll choose one person at random to win $10 in Paypal cash to help you get everything you need to decorate your … Continue reading

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The Secret Society

Welcome to the club. Congratulations. You survived! I remember the moment like it was yesterday. Those two thin pink lines that were so long awaited for had actually appeared, and I couldn’t have been happier (after doing another 5 tests … Continue reading

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8 Tricks For Surviving A Picky Eater

My firstborn hated to eat from birth – he never nursed well, and refused anything besides cereal and yogurt until he was over a year old. As he got older, meal times were painful ordeals. We argued constantly over what … Continue reading

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Life Lessons From A Two Year Old

As the mom of a toddler, I do a lot of teaching. Every day we work on lessons like how to wash your hands, how to get dressed, how to sit on the potty, and how to say ‘please’ and … Continue reading

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Keeping It Organized with VolunteerSpot

This post is sponsored by Acorn Influence and it’s advertiser, VolunteerSpot.  All opinions are those of this site. I’ve have a long history of jumping in to take charge.  I’ve organized charitable events for non-profits, I’ve been a room mom, and I’ve … Continue reading

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30 Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Do you have a budding scientist at home?  A kiddo whose curiosity just can’t be satisfied?  This round up of 30 Science Experiments You Can Do At Home is just for you!  We’ve personally tried out the bouncy egg experiment, … Continue reading

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I’m That Mom. It’s OK If You Hate Me.

I’m “that” mom.  It’s ok if you hate me.  Yes, my 8 year old has a cell phone.  Yes, I let my kids have soda and Starbucks and a myriad of other “no-no”s.  No, I don’t do much to limit … Continue reading

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What Is My Child Doing With That App?

Our job as parents isn’t easy. We have spent countless hours rocking our children to sleep, late nights helping with homework, and days upon days teaching them life skills so they will be able to thrive in the world as … Continue reading

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