Cats and Showers Don’t Mix… Unless You’re My Husband



I don’t know why, but I have a never ending need for animals to love me. People? Meh. I am way more of an animal person than a people person. My cats, however, refuse to comply with this need. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are actively opposing me most of the time.

They are super cute, super loving and super snuggly… just not with me. My husband, despite his lack of desire for the position, has been deemed “the chosen one”.  He lays on the couch, they (especially Evie) want to curl up with him. He grabs a toy and plays with them, they stay engaged for an hour or more. He can brush them, clip their nails, give them a bath in the shower. They just keep coming back. He even blow dried Evie after her last shower.  Me?  They mostly ignore me. When they don’t, they’re usually grunting or complaining about me trying to touch/pet them.

Why won’t they love me?  <sigh>  I think they forget which one of us brought them home from the humane society.


So, the shower thing.  I got all “love me, love me” with the cats on Monday and decided that *I* was going to spend a little time bonding with Evie by putting her in he shower.  That, my friends, is when things went horribly, horribly wrong.  See, when my hubby bathes the cats, they meow a bit, but tolerate it.  When I bathe the cats, apparently they become homicidal pole vaulters.  In addition to sounds that I can’t even describe, Evie shot herself a good 5 feet in the air (an attempt to clear the shower door), latched on to my hair, and then proceeded to use said hair to pull herself up to the point she could grab by forehead and scalp with her claws.  I think she was trying to climb me to jump over the shower door, but it felt like attempted murder.

When it was all said and done, she emerged from the shower clean and I emerged sporting some battle scars.  Specifically, I have a claw hole on one side of my forehead, a three inch scratch across the other side, and a literal slice into my hairline… that one hurts.  Ouch.

She and I agreed to keep our space for the next few days.  But last night, for no apparent reason, the most awesome thing happened.  While laying on the couch, both of the cats hopped up and curled up with me.

I don’t think we’ll try the shower thing again.  Maybe I’ll leave that little bit of bonding for my husband.


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