Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

First off, yum!  What could be better than sugar covered in chocolate???
I’m part of a national organization of sites dedicated to connecting moms on a local level.  One of the really cool things we do for our members is called ‘Storking’  Basically, when a member has a new baby, members of the site sign up to take dinner to their family (typically a main, a side and dessert).  Yesterday, I did my first Storking of 2010. 
It’s been freezing here all week (well, freezing for the south).  I haven’t wanted to drag my 7 month old out more than I have to, and definitely not to pick up eggs just so I could make cookies.  When you don’t have what you need, you make do with what you have.  I had marshmallows and chocolate.
Who needs a double boiler when you have a glass bowl and sauce pan!  I’m out of cabinet space as is, and I can do without the added hassle of something else to store.  Fill a sauce pan with water and top it with a glass bowl.  The most important thing with this method is that you do not want the water in the pan to actually touch the glass bowl.  Turn the burner on high and wait.  You want the steam from the water heating the chocolate, not the water itself.   You’ll want to stir occasionally to help the chocolate melt to a nice, smooth, glossy river of yumminess.  
And just as the melting process came to an end…

Perfect timing little dude.    After a brief interruption, it’s time to dip!  I used large marshmallows first.  When I ran out, I still had a good bit of chocolate left, so I decided to make some clusters of mini marshmallows.  With the big guys, you can take your time, roll them around and then plop them out to harden.  With the minis, they’ll melt on you, so you have to work quick.  

This was intentional… I’m a big fan of the ‘Smores’ fondue at The Melting Pot.

I scraped out the goo and ate it cleaned out the bowl and started the melting process with a little white chocolate.  White chocolate melts a little different than milk or semi-sweet chocolate.  I usually need to add about 2-3 teaspoons of milk to get it to melt smooth.  Once it’s melted, you can pour or spoon it into the corner of a ziploc bag, like below.

You could also use a piping bag and very, very small tip, but I prefer my method because cleanup is as easy as tossing the bag.
Snip the very, very edge of the corner.  You just want an opening large enough for a tiny amount of chocolate leak out.  At this point, you basically just want to apply a little pressure and swing the bag back and forth over the dipped marshmallows.  What you end up with is this:
To speed up the process, I toss them in the fridge.  And, if you’re wondering, that is non-stick foil wrapped over a cutting board.  Once the gloss is gone, your chocolate has hardened and you are ready to enjoy this tasty treat alone, or for a twist, toss a few into a steaming mug of hot chocolate or coffee!
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4 Responses to Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

  1. GREAT organization idea, and what a yummy treat! I am going to look into that for my area, I love that idea of “storking”. My mom cooked for me for about 4 months when I had my first little bugger, so helpful!!

  2. The Mommies Network is awesome! I don’t know if I’d have made it without the support I’ve received from my local site. I joined over three years ago. I actually just took a position on the national level as their Human Resources Manager. It’s volunteer, but I’m glad to do it!

  3. Mo Diva says:

    Lovely presentation!

  4. Oh wow. I could use a few of these right about now! A fellow TMN mommy stopping by to say hi!

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