A Christmas “Gift” Exchange with Broken Teepee {SoFab}

I know you guys read every word I type, so you surely know that I’m a member of a community called Collective Bias.  They give a pretty good size group of us blogger types a place to come together online to bounce ideas off each other, get feedback on our work, etc.  They also help us do other cool things, like help us get jobs working with brands and connect us with new, cool people!  This year, Collective Bias facilitated a pretty nifty virtual gift exchange, one that brought me to Patty Woodland’s website, Broken Teepee.

Broken TeepeeFirst off, Patty has a yurt.  Girl built a yurt!  I am straight up impressed.  And, jealous.  I want a yurt.  I think I need a yurt.  You should visit Patty’s site, if for no other reason, to see her yurt.  I have yurt envy.

Broken Teepee PattyPatty is a city girl turned goat farmer (right?!) who left her family back East to live the calmer life with her husband in Montana.  Some health problems have left her dealing with chronic pain, but she doesn’t let that stop her from making soap and designing jewelry.  Patty hangs out around the web at Broken Teepee, but also several other places…

Patty on Pinterest

Patty on Twitter

Patty on Facebook

Her site is full of book reviews, home projects (remember the yurt?) and lots of other things.  Stop by and wish Patty a Happy Holiday!



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  1. Patty says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely post. I’ll admit the yurt is pretty cool…if you’re ever in Montana stop in – I’ll give you the 3 second tour ’cause that’s all it takes to walk around 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

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