Clash of the Couples – Real Life, Real Funny

*I got nada (other than the epub version of the book) to share this with you guys today. If I had thought it stunk, I wouldn’t have shared, but it didn’t stink. It was, in fact, pretty darn amazing. So, just to recap, I got a free epub version of the book and nothing else. All opinions are my own.


Just over a year ago, I reviewed a hilarious book of real life mommy meltdown stories put together by Crystal Ponti and some amazing women.  It was incredibly relateable, literally laugh out loud funny and a book I just couldn’t put down once I got started.   When Crystal reached out asking me to give her newest book, Clash of the Couples a read, I couldn’t say no!

If you’re married or have spent any significant amount of time in a relationship, you know just how mundane everything can become, even the things that spark the biggest arguments and blow ups.  Maybe so etching crops up on the elusive date night, or maybe it’s something as silly as which way the toilet paper is put on the holder that sparks a knock down, drag out between you and that special person in your life.  If you know what I’m talking about, Clash of the Couples will be right up your alley!

While arguments about the little things in life don’t always paint us in the best light, the stories in Clash of the Couples are shared in the raw, letting it all hang out, by both men and women.  And they are funny!  You know how some arguments are so ridiculous, but you can’t see it until the dust settles?  That’s what this book is all about – and let me tell you, it is so much more fun to read stories from other people than to think about your own… Trust me!

Some of my favorite stories from the book were:

Because it’s not a Friday night date unless you stop at both Home Depot and Lowe’s on your way home

Food fight

Don’t spill the beer, dear

I can’t believe you ate my sandwich

There are 45 incredibly funny stories of couples clashing in Clash of the Couples.  This is the perfect book to share as a holiday gift too!  It’s so relateable and really just too funny to put down!  You can get your copy on Amazon (the Kindle version is only $0.99!)

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