Cold Weather, Busy Nights and Tasty Marie Callendar’s Pot Pies

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone.  I was buying Marie Callendar’s Pot Pies long before #CollectiveBias and its advertisers sponsored this post, and I’ll be buying them long after.  They are our favorite frozen pot pie! #PotPiePlease

#PotPiePlease Easy Weeknight DinnerDuring the winter, it’s almost dark before I pick the kids up from after school care and it’s completely dark by the time we get home.  Having one or both children fall asleep in the car isn’t an unusual phenomenon.  This is how we start our evening rush.  This is our life.  Unfortunately, an early start in the mornings means we need an early bedtime and that only amplifies the problem.  The go, go, go means multitasking is a must and sometimes that makes getting a hot meal on the table (and getting everything else done too) is near impossible.

Sleeping GirlWith homework, baths and dinner to knock out, the term “evening rush” is quite literal.  I look for help where I can get it.  Sometimes that in the form of the older one helping the younger one with homework or having one of the kids walk the dog and the other take out the trash.  I also want to be able to give my kids something warm and wholesome for dinner as much as I can, but I can’t stand over the stove for 45 minutes most nights either.

Marie Callender's Pot PieWe love pot pies!  Marie Callender’s new family size pot pie is perfect for a hot, wholesome weeknight meal.  It goes from the freezer to the oven in a flash, and I can let it go while I help one with homework and shoo the other into the shower.  The delicious gravy mixed with vegetables and all white chicken is warm and comforting, while the golden flaky crust tastes just like homemade, even though we picked it up in the freezer aisle at Walmart.

Marie Callender's at WalmartFighting the kids over eating dinner?  Fighting over homework?  On pot pie nights, I know I’m not going to have an issue getting them to the table or getting a warm, wholesome meal in their stomachs and the homework fight – well, if someone has a solution for that, I’m all ears!  Being able to grab one package from the freezer and make a meal we all want to devour?  That’s pretty priceless.

Kids Eating Pot PieYou can check out Marie Callender’s on Facebook or visit Marie Callender’s Meals to learn more about their products and PotPiePlease for some great recipes.

How do you beat the evening rush?  Do you have a secret to getting it all done and still serving your family a wholesome meal?

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  1. Sarah B says:

    Between work, activities and meetings we are often rushing around at dinner time. I love the Marie Callender’s Pot Pies are quick and easy AND my whole family enjoys them!! Your kids are cuties!! #client

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