Cookies and Cocoa with Santa

The countdown is on.  For days now, I’ve been getting the “x days and x nights until Christmas” update from the kids.  They are definitely ready for the big day.  They’re on a “Christmas high”… almost like someone’s been feeding them Pixy Stix or something.  They are wearing me out.

We loaded up the car and headed off last night to make one last visit to Santa… except we need to hop on a train to get all the way to the big guy.

Cookies and Cocoa with Santa TicketsWe arrived at the NC Transportation Museum about 30 minutes before our scheduled departure.  Having never been there, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  After checking out their website, I knew it was a pretty big place, but it was dark out and hard to see much beyond the visitors center area.

NC Transportation Museum Festive TrainAfter picking up our tickets in the visitors center (super easy, fast and friendly service), we headed out to the platform to wait for boarding.  It felt a tiny bit odd to be standing outside after dark in December without as much as a jacket on the kids, but it was really warm.  The train was decorated with lights on the outside and fun Christmas themed window clings.  It was nice to have a little holiday ambiance, especially since Mother Nature wasn’t offering much help.

Mini MeThe big guy in red was pretty freakin’ awesome! The kids had already made a visit to our regular Santa (who is awesome too – Addison has had her picture made with the same Santa since she was born) but the magic was still there the second time around.  The girl knows that the “real” Santa can’t be everywhere, and that he has “helpers” who make sure everyone’s wishlists get to the “real” Santa.  For her, the “real” Santa is the one we visit every year at the mall.  I know, I know… I just go with it.

Santa 2013The kids really enjoyed seeing Santa again, and having cookies and cocoa (or in the girl’s case, chocolate milk – they had the option).  Everything inside the roundhouse looked really magical.  I think it was the lighting.  They could’ve lit the place up, but they didn’t.  It was well lit where it needed to be, and otherwise, the glow of the Christmas lights was just perfect.

Cookies and CocoaWhile we enjoyed our cookies, we were treated with the sounds of a lovely group of youngins’ (I’m feeling old right now) and their hand bells.  I recorded a short little clip of Frosty.  They were really good!

In addition to our train ride to visit Santa, seeing the big guy, cookies & cocoa, and the hand bells, the kids also got to do a little Christmas themed coloring, made post cards to mail to Santa to help him remember their wishlists, made a ornament and had story time with Mrs Claus.

StorytimeAfter everything had been seen and done, we loaded up and headed back to the visitors center via the same train we came in on.  The kids had a great time, but were clearly exhausted.  It wasn’t long before both were snoozing in the back seat of the car.

This was our first time ever visiting the NC Transportation Museum, and I’m kind of sad that we haven’t gone before!  We only saw a tiny bit of the transportation related fun during our visit to see Santa, but it was enough to know that we want to go back sometime in the near future to check out the rest of the fun.  After seeing how much the kids enjoyed our little trip this year, I know that we’ve just added a new Christmas tradition to our list!

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