Creative Free Play with The Littlest Pet Shop

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Littlest Pet Shop Party GirlsOne last summer get together planned with the extended family, and what does Mother Nature do? She dumps rain on us.  With a BBQ pork shoulder ready to go and our schedule cleared, we were determined to make the best of it!  That’s easier said than done when dealing with 2 boys and 2 girls who need to share the same space for a few hours.

Littlest Pet Shop PartyThe most important part, at least for us, of setting up a successful adult and kid friendly afternoon is getting the kids excited about whatever we have in store for them.  Being that we were stuck inside and our original plan of turning them loose in the yard had been squished, it was time to break out Plan B… The Littlest Pet Shop and part of their new line of Style Sets.  Now, before you get all “boys and little girl toys” on me, you’d be surprised how not “girl-sentric” The Littlest Pet Shop can be.

Littlest Pet Shop Party Getting StartedEven the boys were excited about the tiny little pets they were about to get their hands on, maybe even as much as the girls!  When they figured out they could swap the heads and bodies, it was on!

Littlest Pet Shop Party GuestsBefore we could turn them loose, we had to feed them.  The promise of some really cool Littlest Pet Shop toys was was enough to encourage cleaned plates and less playtime at the table than what I would consider normal for this little band of misfits.

Littlest Pet Shop Party BoysWhile the boys were most interested in the structures and the pets themselves, the girls were all about the tiny accessories and decorating their new spaces.  And there were tons of tiny accessories to decorate with!  It was all I could do to keep the kids off of me long enough to get the structure assembled in full before they started decorating it.

Littlest Pet Shop Play TimeWith the girls and the boys, The Littlest Pet Shop was a hit!  It definitely succeeded in entertaining the kids while the adults had some time together and it gave the kids a chance to use their little brains for some creative free play.

When you’re outdoor plans get pushed inside, what do you do to keep the kids entertained?

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  1. Angela S says:

    When confined to the house it is either AG dolls, art or gymnastics on their own. If I’m involved we will cook or bake. Something that has to get done but takes on a whole different feel when child led.

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