Creeper Elf {He’s Baaaack!}

Nothing screams ‘good parenting’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ like using a tiny, stuffed elf to scare your kids straight.  Not only does the little creeper watch them, but he moves – and only when they aren’t watching.  He reminds me of those paintings in the Scooby Doo movies… you know, the ones where the eyes follow you.

Creeper Elf is Back.  Elf on the Shelf #CreeperElfHe looks entirely too happy about being creepy, right?!

He vexes parents around the globe, usually a few minutes after realizing everyone’s up and the elf hasn’t moved.  Like this morning.  The first morning Elfie was supposed to be in a new place.  Um, fail.  Somehow, in my Black Friday stupor, I’ve already forgotten about moving the elf.  Why did I think this elf was a good idea again?

Why do I keep bringing the elf out?  Really, it’s just to torture myself, and a few of you (you know, the ones who get creeped out by dolls in general).  And it’s kind of fun to see what I can come up with for the elf to do.

Perhaps tonight the elf will swing from a wrecking ball?

Do you have an elf?  What’s his name and what kind of crazy things does he do?

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  1. Ashley Rehorn says:

    Oh girl. Langley named our Elf “Candy Corn” when he 1st came to us in 2011. Candy Corn is INSANE. What Was I Thinking?! For those of you who don’t know me, check out the board “Langley’s Elf on the Shelf” on Pinterest. Everything he’s done is chronicled there. Mostly he “crafts it up” and adds decorations to our house…so by the time he’s been here a while, it looks very much like Christmas has thrown up in our house.

    I search year round, every few days on Pinterest to update my “plain” “Elf on the Shelf” board for ideas. There are over 350 on there now. I’m addicted. There are a few things that are “tradition” that he does every year. He always brings Christmas Candy Corn (the red, green and white) each year and is sitting in it in some way. He always hugs the framed annual pic of the kids with Santa each year, and he always can be found doing something with the Christmas Cards each year. Other than that, the goal for me is to be as unusual as possible.

    I did brave it and make him posable with wire this year. It has already been totally worth it. It took no time, there is no evidence, and makes it WAY easier to do things with him. He’s a lot more stable. Candy Corn even has his own gmail account and emails the kids off and on. Other than that, he stays at the North Pole in the “off season” though. No birthday elf. No Easter appearance. A girlfriend of mine even had their elf appear the first day of summer with new beach towels, buckets and shovels etc. Nope. Not me. I’m CRAZY about Candy Corn, even did an Elf on the Shelf themed photo shoot with my kids for our Christmas Cards this year…..but he will only visit us from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve. 🙂

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