Did I Mention I Ran 10 Miles?

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In the books, for realz!

First, yes – Clearly I lost my mind long before the race actually started.  Probably somewhere back around the time I entertained the thought of running 10 miles.  Then this happened…

Charlotte 10 Miler Group

I actually showed up.  To run.  10 Miles.  In the rain.  At 7:45 in the morning.

I didn’t end up with pneumonia, but I did finish.  It’s a pretty funny story, actually – one you might not believe, but I swear every word of it is true…

10 Miler Start

Just shy of 400 of us showed up to run.  Some were doing the 4 mile leg, some doing the 10.  Why didn’t I sign up for the 4 again?  Oh yea, peer pressure.  It had been raining for a few days, and clearly still was.  A good part of the run was along a greenway known to be prone to flooding.  Fantastic.  The first 7 miles were great. Muddy, but great.  I had some issues with my breathing (asthma + humidity + running = problems).  The extra distance I was adding with all of the puddle dodging wasn’t helping.  I finally gave up on that and splashed my way straight through.

Race Nasties

The wildlife was plentiful, including the deer that I nearly collided with.  Had I been running full steam ahead, she would have smacked right into me.  I had eased up already, having seen several bound across the path ahead of me.  Thank goodness for that!

Somewhere between miles 7 and 8, CMPD (the local police) got tired of dealing with us apparently, shuffled the last of us stragglers to the sidewalk (did I mention I’m slow?), and ditched their posts. We were following the signs and sometime past mile 8 were stopped by someone and told we went the wrong way and were sent back the direction we came and told to take the other turn. After about a 1/2 mile of double back and 2 miles on the trail, I recognized where we were and knew we weren’t in the right place…. actually we were back around the mile 5 mark of the original course. I blame this on the race using double sided signs.  We had arrows urging us on!

When my phone finally died, we were at 10.53 miles and we went for a while after that because with a dead phone I couldn’t call anyone! As it happens, the race director was riding the course, happened upon us, confirmed we had in fact done our 10+, called times in for us and gave us a ride back to cross the finish line. The company who organized the race was very apologetic about it (and upset with CMPD) and gave us some freebies and a few free race entries.

So, yes – my times sucked – but I finished a 10 mile race!

Don’t underestimate yourself… in running or in anything!  6 months ago I would have never dreamed I’d be able to finish 5 miles, let alone 10!

If you’re a runner, do you have any crazy running stories?

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