Not once, but twice now in less than a month, I’ve had a friend tell me they feel disconnected.
I’ve felt it myself.  Disconnected from my friends, disconnected from my family, disconnected from myself.  We get so bogged down in work, being tired and the actual care of our children that we make little time for connections beyond a screen, a text message or an IM.
Earlier this week, I promised myself I’d stop complaining about how awful and derailed some days are, and instead focus on how to make changes to improve the outcome of my days.  So far, I’m pleased with my progress.  This coming week, I will continue to work on making adjustments to improve cruddy days, but I will also attempt to reconnect some disconnections.
I think the fact that we all feel it speaks volumes.  I, for one, intend to do something about it.
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One Response to Disconnected?

  1. rebecca says:

    I know how you feel. Sorry you are feeling that way. Mine though is a bit different. Its not that I didn’t mean to, but because I had to become disconnected and a different person.
    I hope you start reconnecting with all the people who love you 🙂 Todays crazy world, we all get in that boat once or twice

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