Disturbing Revelations

I love nature, I really do.  These little guys especially.  I find them fascinating to watch as they collect and eat acorns or skitter up tree trunks.  Such cute little creatures!
I was at my grandmother’s this evening with the kids – swinging, playing in the yard, watching the bunnies come out to find their dinner.  It’s really quite amazing.  My grandmother lives in rural Rowan County on nearly 30 acres.  She has a pond, a barn, lots of space for the kids to run (er, crawl…for Cullen).  We decided to hop on her golf cart and take a ride around to see what we could find to amuse ourselves.
We were rode up to the top of their property and back down, seeing no less than 30 bunnies along the way.  I made a joke that if I were a bunny hunter, I’d be in heaven!  Grandma made a comment about how you can only catch and eat them in the summer (of course she would know that).  I ask ‘why’ and we dive into a conversation about why you shouldn’t catch and eat bunnies in the summer (I will spare you the details).  She mentioned that the same was true of squirrels.  I said something about how I’d never have to worry about it because I don’t eat squirrels.  
“Yes you have”.  
Excuse me?
“You used to eat squirrel at my house all the time”.
“You and your sister used to fight over who got the head’.
My grandmother is not the type to embellish or say something that isn’t true just for shock value.  She proceeded to explain what the best way to prepare squirrel was (which was way more than I’ll ever need to know).  
There goes my childhood.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, nice blog! Do you know the original attribution on this photo of the squirrel? Really cool. Is it yours?

    I was thinking of using it for a blog post. Thx.

  2. No, I pulled it from a Google image search 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gotcha! Thanks.

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