Don’t Feed Them After Midnight. Bathing is a No-No Too.

I see all these cute, well behaved kids everywhere and I wonder… What the Hell is wrong with mine?

They have these moments where they are the cutest, most angelic beings ever… kind of like the gremlins started out.  I don’t know if I missed the rules somewhere along the way, but it’s like someone stuck them in the shower, gave them a Big Mac at 12:01 AM and then threatened them with bright sunlight.  (PSA – If you have no idea what I’m referencing, you are clearly younger than me and please culture yourselves by watching Gremlins.)

Don't they look like little rays of sunshine?

Don’t they look like little rays of sunshine?

Yes, my daughter is in a bathing suit in front of the Christmas tree and my son is wearing one of her ballet shirts.  I just go with it, people.  These moments are rare little jewels, and while their daddy may lose his mind over Boy Wonder being dressed in girl’s clothes, I am ecstatic that they are getting along and I don’t see any blood.

I feel like the kids and I are in a constant struggle, battling each other for control.  Who will reign supreme?  Ask me tomorrow.

I really get down about it sometimes.  I see other children actually listening to their parents.  I volunteer at the girl’s school every week… that class is full of well behaved children (including my own!)  Target this afternoon: More well behaved children.  Then I talk to other parents.  I read blog posts written by friends and written by total strangers.  I realize I see only a glimpse into the lives of those other children.  To be honest, my children are generally pretty well behaved in public.  At home is where they give me their fits.

What if that’s the case with those well behaved children I keep seeing everywhere?  A classic case of things aren’t always as they seem?

Maybe my children aren’t as well behaved as they could be, or should be, but are they really any worse than anyone else’s?  Nah.  I think we’ll skip baths tomorrow anyway.  Just in case.

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5 Responses to Don’t Feed Them After Midnight. Bathing is a No-No Too.

  1. Okay I said “Awwww!” so loudly after seeing that adorable photo, my husband came over to see what I was reading.

    My children are very well behaved in public…totally angelic. They are even…helpful. My son holds doors open for people and willingly carries bags and my daughter loves to be put to work bagging groceries and finding the things on our shopping list. You’d never know that at home, they get a totally perverse pleasure out of making the other one go insane. It’ s like their favorite hobby.

    It makes my heart hurt to even think there are people who didn’t get your Gremlins reference.

  2. Bianca says:

    my son is the same way. he’ll have his good moments and then he feels like those 10 mins are up and he’ll totally throw a tantrum because I said ‘no’ or I refuse to let him eat more than one jell-o pudding 🙁 it really gets to me. like I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh you have me cracking up! It’s so true isn’t it!!!

  4. Juli says:

    Wait till your kids get older and you fight for control!!! Such fun times

    My stepmother has a granddaughter who’s mother has to actually honk and wait outside when she picks her up at grandma’s because the granddaughter is such a brat the minute her mom is around. But is totally angelic when mom is not around!!!

  5. Andrea says:

    Girl, I feel you. It’s only one kid here, but it’s amazing what happens to her at a certain time or whatever. I’m like, who are you and where is my sweet child? Sigh. It’s nuts.

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